How can i intensify the energy within me?

Hi everyone, so i was wondering how do you feel your energy? Do you have to try hard to look/ feel it or do you just feel as you ARE the energy and do not even need to think about it even when grounding or centring? I feel that i have to really look for my energy when meditating, centering or grounding as if i am looking for something that is not there or if it is not powerful enough. This is not to say i do not see if or feel it as i do but i feel as if it is not powerful enough to manifest any sort of change… I don’t know, does any one have any comments, experiences or suggestions?


I cleanse myself daily and then I charge myself just as I would crystals. You could do that by smoke cleansing, wanding which is where you take a selenite (I prefer selenite) or clear quartz point and wand your entire body over your aura. Then, I would do something that’s positive and is fulfilling to me. For instance, I love nature, so I’d sit in nature or meditate or both. You’re clearing your energy and filling the gap with positive energy. It’s what makes you feel good. That could also be simply doing anything dealing with self love. That’s how I feel my energy.

I know for the past few weeks, I’ve been feeling like I’m at my lowest point mentally. That’s what I did. And dry brushing is a good idea to raise your vibration as well.


Thanks :blush: I notice when the sun is out i can feel that energy within me and i love meditating so i guess i could meditate out the backyard in the sun on the lush grass with all the plants, trees and flowers around… It just i feel so drawn to my altar and i guess i feel so ‘at home’ here that i feel less full of energy there than anywhere else if that makes sence.


It does make sense! I wish I could have an outdoors altar. But my neighbors kids would ruin it as soon as I set it up. I can’t even have a plant without them picking at it! But, you enjoy your sun :sunny: in your backyard! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


When I feel my vibration is very low, I take a cleansing bath. I love to use Epsom salts, bubble bath and essential oils, surrounded by candles. Guided meditations help me connect to my inner self (I really have trouble meditating without guidance right now). For me, chakra meditations do incredible wonders for feeling my energy.


I have read that we often feel low energy when we are using only our own energy for spells and such, and that it is important to learn to draw energy from other sources. One example is the earth. When grounding, imagine roots growing from your feet, reaching for the earth to draw upon its energy so that you become the conduit of the energy and direct it where you need it. Other sources in nature can also provide this energy, like the Moon, and as you mentioned, the Sun.

That said, I’m still learning to do this myself, so some of the other replies you have received will be useful as well!


I ground and center sometimes and try to draw up extra energy to get me going. Doesn’t always work but it’s nice and worth a shot.