How do we properly say Thoth?


My name is SaRah. I am new here. i went to listen to a Thoth Meditation; and heard the way she pronounces the name Thoth.
She say it like “thought”.
I was taught by a Esoteric Mage that it is properly pronounced “thoth” like “both”.

ive had this discussion with so many people and to be honest no one really can confirm this.

what are youre thoughts?


Hi @sarahjane! I have no idea which one is right, I just wanted to welcome you to the coven! :infinite_roots:


Great question, Sarah!

I’ve come across both of those pronunciations, and some more. Here are three different examples of the varying pronunciations of the same name:

Since you mentioned an Esoteric Mage, I’m assuming you’re working from a Western Esoteric perspective. Here’s a video on that topic. The pronunciation of Thoth they use is similar to “both” but pronouncing both “th’s”.

Israel Regardie: The Golden Dawn Tapes Vol I: Lectures on Egyptian Gods - YouTube (pronounced at 12:28)

According to Wikipedia, the two most common pronunciations are: /θoʊθ/ and /toʊt/; You can read them with an IPA reader such as this one:

I believe that we should try to learn the proper pronunciations as much as possible, as a sign of respect. However words tend to change, and this word is thousands of years old. It went from Ancient Egyptian through Coptic, through Greek until it was Latinized. And here we are trying to say it in English.

My conclusion is that a tomato is a tomato no matter how you pronounce it. Pick the pronunciation that is easiest for you and practice it so that you can say it confidently in ritual or in conversation. If you are working with Thoth (such as in the Thoth wisdom devotional), you may adapt the pronunciation or meditate on the name to see if you receive/hear a different pronunciation in your personal work.


Merry meet @sarahjane :heart:

That’s a great question- thanks for bringing it up! It looks like Francisco has offered some wonderful wisdom to answer your question, so I’ll just jump in to offer you a very warm welcome to the coven :infinite_roots:

Wishing you all the best with your worship of Thoth, as well. Blessed be! :sparkles:


Lol, Hello and Thankyou! My aplogies, i am learning how to find my way here at Spells8. Ive been looking for this post for 2days! Haha!
Im going to read down the replies now!
Merry Meet Everyone!!!


oh my! Thank you so much for this awesome plethora of information and resources!
Yes, western esoterica.
I love this place. I have listened to the Thoth devotional and thats what prompted me to ask. I believe i can more comfortably choose one with all this great info.
i said it like Thought (thoth) for years and then was corrected with a firmness, and changed to Toth many more years ago. its always been hard for me for find anyone that says it this way especially online and i cant focus bc it makes me giggle.
thank you so much for your time replying!
Blessed be


Merry Meet !!

Thank you so much! would you maybe know how to participate in tonight,s ritual? Do we zoom? I saw it posted somewhere in the Forum.
Im super syked for tonight and may do the Dark Moon with Hekate tonight.
Ive waited a long time to work with her (i want to be prepared inside and out) , and im feeling a pull.
Thank you so much also, Sarah Jane


Hee! I know the feeling! You’ll get used to it eventually. Merry meet!


You are very welcome Sarah Jane! :blush:

I hope you had a lovely time working with Hekate- the New Moon seems like a perfect time to do spellwork in Her name :pray::sparkles:

As for the Weekly Group Ritual, it looks like your questions were kindly answered in the ritual post! Yes, there is a group ritual open to all every Thursday (with a different theme each week) and we all join in whenever our individual schedules allow. Some weeks a Zoom meet is also scheduled and hosted for everyone to get together and have a moment to chat.

Feel free to join in either the group ritual and/or the Zoom chat- you are very welcome to join! :heart:

Blessed be!


Yes that happens… But arguing over the pronunciation of an ancient word is just an ego thing.

Otherwise ask historian and Youtuber John Mispronunciation is my thing Green. I watched his video on captain Cook last night and it instantly reminded me about this topic! :laughing: