How do you call back your power?

Greetings brothers and sisters!

Question in the headline really nails it.
I was wondering if anyone would mind sharing tips, tricks, or opinions on this topic.

I feel the need to call back my powers and center myself, start a new but feeling bogged down in my brain by work related stuff and the end of a long term relationship.

Thank you for any help!


Merry Meet! Go to a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Light some incense that you love, dim the lights,light a few candles. Get in a comfortable position. Focus on a candle and meditate, thinking or saying outloud, “My power is mine, I will use it as I need, not for malice, vindication or greed. I call all things back, if done in vain, or that may have caused someone pain. I am myself, this is plain and true, so centering myself is what I will do. I call on my guides, the elements too, make me strong, keep me true. So now as I say so mote it be , I am centered three times three. It is done” Keep focusing on the candle flame- do take deep breaths through the nose and let it sigh out your lips. Feel the release and rebuilding of yourself. Congratulations , all is done. Just relax .
Blessed Be …you have control


You need to find what works yourself and that’s the fun part. Experiment with different techniques.

Try what @roxanne said. I would add extra focus on the breath. The breath is the only thing that is always there in each moment. It is also the reason you are alive. Connecting with the breath gives you access to your life.

For grounding myself I like to take a moment to go outside, feel the wind, feel the sun, listen. It makes me feel human again. Touch the grass, the dirt, the leaves. Your center is that place where there are no questions because you are fully present. :relieved:

Reading also helps. Find a book on the topic of Mindfulness and simply become immersed in it. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is an absolute gem. If you don’t know him, here’s a quick video: