How do you deal with Deities leaving?

Hello all. I’ve been working with several Greek Gods and Goddess over the past year. This weekend I learned that Aphrodite and Apollo will be leaving me as they have accomplished what they came to teach me. They let me know I can still reach out to them if I need them but they will not be around anymore.

This is proving difficult as these were the first two Deities that contacted me and have helped me through some of my more difficult times. I still have Hades, Persephone, and Selene with me and they are helping me cope with the grief I’m feeling.

Has anyone else gone through this? How did you deal with it?


Gratitude, give to them thanks and gratitude for being with you all those time. Understanding that they might be on another mission in which their presence is needed. The decision they took, is because they understand that you’re ready to work on your mission by your own. Just be thankful and move on on the task you have at hand. Remember that they will be there, but also they have to continue, and also you.


This is a scary thought to me. I am sure that it will happen eventually for me. I agree, be thankful, and try to recognize that they are leaving you because you are strong enough and have learned enough that you will be fine without them.


I’m sorry to hear about the departure of your deities, @Amaris_Bane, but like Pedros and Ron have said- it sounds like They are leaving because you are ready for them to go. You are stronger than when They found you and have taken on all the lessons that They could share. And it doesn’t sound like the door is closed forever- you’ll still be able to reach out and check in with Them whenever you like :blush:

Goodbyes and departures are always sad, but this farewell marks a landmark in your practice. I know it can be hard to work through the heavy emotions, but I think you also have a reason to celebrate- this is the dawn of a new, stronger, area in your Craft! :tada::sun_with_face:

Big hugs and lots of love to you- you are going to be fine :heart:


That really seems scary @Amaris_Bane but for me so far I have not had a real call from one of the deities. I didn’t know either, that once you were working with them that they would leave you either. I still have much more to learn on the deities and see if I do get a calling from any of them, so far not but I am more interested in the Egyptian ones. But I do realize that you’ve been given some good advice.


Thank you all for your support and ideas. As @pedros10 had said, I’m going to be grateful for all that they have provided me and know that they believe I’m ready to move forward on my own. It will still be difficult but it brings comfort knowing that they believe that strongly in me.


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