How I found out that I'm interested in Wicca

Ever since I’ve been a kid I was always interested in Magic and always interested in the crafts without knowing that it was real.

Now that I’m older I have been doing some research on Wicca and I’m still trying to figure out what path I am taking but it’s hard because I have Christian parents who will yell at me but I I’m not going to let them make me feel bad for something I believe in.

Sorry I just I’m really happy that I found this website because it has a lot of nice lessons and I’m really excited to learn!


Merry meet and welcome @summer2 , I think you’ll enjoy it here. There’s great people running the site and a lot of amazing people that are on similar paths.
Blessed be.


Merry Meet! I’m Krissie from Cape Cod. I hope you enjoy the courses! They are 1 of my favorite parts. Also, check out the weekly activities in :art: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Magick in the Arts and the news in the forum Merry Meet Monday - Forum News! March 8 :blossom:

Everyone here is very nice & supportive. I think you will love it here! Blessed Be! :star2:


A very warm welcome to you, @summer2 :heart:

I’m sorry to hear your parents are not supportive in your beliefs- I think you are very brave and strong for following your heart! Know that you are not alone- you have this coven to help and support you along your magickal journey :sparkles: We are blessed to have you here!

I’m glad you are enjoying the lessons! If you have any questions or find interesting info to share, you are very welcome to do so here in the forum. You are also warmly invited to join in on the many Forum Activities!

I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon. Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


HI @summer2! I’m Kasie from West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! I’m sorry you’re parents aren’t supportive but there comes a time when you grow up and have to make your own decisions. I think you’ve made a good one! If you have any questions or any problems just let us know and someone will be happy to help. Don’t let others stop you from wanting to learn!

Hope you have a good day!


Merry Meet @summer2! And welcome, this is wonderful group filled with wisdom, support, and overall awesomeness.:grin:
My name is Tamera and I’m in South Carolina. Apologies for the situation you’re going through with your parents, but congrats to you for the strength to embrace your craft.
Looking forward to talking with you more in the forum and through our activities.
Blessed Be,