How Long Does a Spell Last

I’m making a spell for someone (with their knowledge and permission) and just want to know if I can do it now, a week ahead, or if I should wait until right before.
I’ve always been a passive green witch so intentional spells are kind of new for me.


You can always add a chant with a time instruction in it. A week from now would be the First Quarter Moon. Something about my it starts then.


You could add a time as @Amethyst mentioned or if it’s specific to a situation add that into it. It kind of depends on the spell itself & what its for or its intention.

Typically it would be associated with the intention of the spell itself & wording. It could also depend on if you go through a full cycle of the moon whether it would need to ve disposed of or “recharged” or redone entirely.


I think spells can last for quite a long time! I’ve had spells last for months and even longer! It just depends on how the spell is worked and if you asked for help from outside entities.

In order to answer your question more completely, I’d have to know what kind of spell you’re doing. But it is possible for spells to last a long time. I find that connecting them to objects with a method of charging them is the easiest way to make them last a while.


I’ve had the same question myself. No two spells are exactly the same and results can vary based on the timing, the ingredients, the situation and the intention. The first money spell I cast lasted for months! :confounded: I once did a jar spell to dispel some family drama. The full effects have worn off, but it seems there are still lingering effects, meaning the drama doesn’t last too long.


Thank you all for your responses. The spell was a short-term one and appears to have worked quite well. Yea!!


That’s great! There’s nothing that builds confidence more than success. Well done!


I’m glad it’s worked out well for you! :clap: As Amethyst said, it’s always a boost of confidence in our skill and ability when things work the way we want them to :heart:


Congrats on your successful spell, Lily! :partying_face: :heart: :sparkles:

Blessed be!


Yay! I agree, it’s always so nice & uplifting when a spell of any kind seems to have worked well afterward! I’m very happy for you! :blush:


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