How the heck is this thing used?

I understand setting up a crystal grid, but I got this a couple years ago. How to do I use it?? HELP!


There are several ways you can use this… it’s a 7 chakra point healing energy generator, The center pyramid amplifies the 7 chakra points of energy of earth through its apex and draws off negative energy and blockage from the chakras.

Place energy generators in your home or work-space to protect, activate and transmute energy. Having an energy generator crystal in your space will help to clear out negative energies.

Use energy generator crystals for healing by placing them on parts of the body, or use as part of Reiki or other traditional therapeutic practices. Generators can restore, amplify and re-balance the energy flows of the body. To assist in healing, position a crystal on any chakra of the body – the seven chakras go from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head.

Place an energy generator crystal at the center of your meditation circle or use as an accompaniment to your individual meditation practice. The crystal will help to improve your concentration and energy.

In general, energy generators raise the vibration level of your space. A higher level of vibration is associated with better mental and physical health, a better mood and more positive outlooks. Lower vibration levels, meanwhile, are linked to poor health and less prosperity.


Thank you so much…I figured out the 7 chakras on the generator, just wasn’t sure how to use it. Now I know!! Blessed Be!!

I’m glad you knew what this was lol I had no clue

I’ve never even seen one before. File this away in my own information banks lol

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I only knew because my dad is a Reiki master and he has like 10 of them LOL

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