How the moon made me smile 😊

Merry meet everyone Pink Sunflower here :sunflower:

I’ve never felt so grateful and inspired by the moon the before. I made my moon oil and water and somehow I feel even more energetic then I was this morning. :blush::yellow_heart: and yet I’m still learning I wonder what else can I unlock from myself.

But as always stay safe and have a blessed day/night!!!


Greetings @Pink_Sunflower!

Congrats on your moon oil and water- I’m sure they turned out lovely! :heart: I agree- I caught a rare sight of the moon last night and it was stunning- it really does take your breath away.

The moon reaches peak illumination here tonight- I’m looking forward to looking for it! Hopefully we’ll be lucky with clear skies :blush:

Have a very blessed Full Hunter’s Moon, Pink Sunflower! Love and Light! :full_moon: :two_hearts:


Yay for moon water! I love making the simple yet strong potion!


Happy Full Moon @Pink_Sunflower and thank you for the good vibes!! :full_moon: :sunflower: