How the trickster Magic became Magick

How the trickster Magic became Magick

A satire – Part 1

Before man learned the art of control
Magic ran wild teasing and bold
Unrestrained, it moved and would not stand.
It rearranged the world as if it were sand

But man learned and envied the wild thing
Magic was elusive, knowing envy was a sin
Man had grown wise trapping magic as it played
Its secrets they wanted, its power they craved.

Hard work was done and gold was paid
In the dark of night, the trap was laid
Magick was caught, bound, and alone
But magick had no form, no body or bones

Magic had no worry for it could get away
But a jealous Sprite it did Magic betray
With A special drape to hold Magic like the wind.
Magick was caught and helplessly pinned.

No one could break the wild creature in the veil.
Magic knew only anger and wished man to hell
No matter how cruel or forceful the men tried
It would not be broken, its secrets, were kept inside

Then one day came a young girl child
This one was different, quiet and shy
Magic knew that this was the one
The one to grant it freedom

As she bent her head toward the cage
Magic reached out and touched her third eye
A flash in the dark, like lightening, had struck
Brought guards running but they were out of luck




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How the trickster, Magic became Magick

A Satire Part 2

The girl ran home into the arms of her mother
A search for the escaped prisoner ravished the land
Soldiers methodically tore apart home after home.
Barns and outbuildings were not spared the search.

Wilde magic, the trickster, was gone.

The girl was haunted by nightmares and woke up in tears
Every night, the bad dreams came kept her in fear.
She told her mother but couldn’t remember the dreams
She’d hold her hands over her ears trying and block the whispers.

Concern for her child’s sanity drove her to see the King.
Given an audience, she explained her fear for her child
The King was charmed by the girl and her mother
And promised them sanctuary as long as they wanted.

They were petted and pampered and dressed in fine silk
Their rooms were more luxurious than they had ever seen.
The dreams seem to lessen, and the whispers quieted
Peace had returned to the small family.

Both women lived in peace and comfort.
The girl sat at the window at times, gazing into the sky
She was happy with her mother and the indulgent king
Then her mother grew ill, lingering, only to die one rainy day.

She mourned the loss of her mother, alone she languished.
Her grief was profound and her tears never-ending
The king brought a mirror to use as she was dressing.
It was a kind and thoughtful gift and earned a sweet smile

That night the dreams started again, and the whispers awoke her
“You’ve been in prison all your life. Isn’t it time to leave?
That would be lovely but there is a guard at my door.
But I look every day and see such beauty.

But what of the window? What hold you here?
This fortress or Your pretty clothes and riches?
Listen to me girl, Out there is a whole world to see
I cannot fly, I’m not a bird, so I cannot be free

From one blink to another, she changed into a bird.
A large white crane looked back from her mirror




How the trickster Magic became Magick

A satire part 3

Now, my Princess, spread your wings and fly away
But what of the king, his heart will break.
He will not know, and it’s only for a day
She did fly out the window and across the land

As she flew, she grew stronger and called out in joy
Where shall we go And what shall we see?
When you see a mountain, land on the highest peak
From there you can see the world all around you.

Upon landing, she returned to her body and with a yawn
She lay down in the lush ferns and fell asleep until dawn
When she awoke she stretched, feeling renewed.
So the Princess has awakened from her slumber.

A very small man, no bigger than her waist
Stood on the cliff wearing a cape,
“Who are you?” she asked in confusion.
I am Wilde Magic, you freed me from my prison

Why are you here, with me? What do you want”
I want you to know your whole life was mine
Unlike me, there will be no escape for you.
Upon this mountain you are now exiled

I saved you and now? Is this your thanks?
Thanks? Trapped in the body of a child?
I’m being kinder to you than men were to me
Here upon this mountain you will remain free

You are an evil little thing, a cheater, and a trickster
You will not do as you planned, I forbid it, do you hear?
You! Forbid it? he said in laughter. Watch this Princess,
Spreading his cape, he took a short leap and shouted
Good Bye!




How the trickster, Magic became Magic

A satire, part 4

Nothing happened when he jumped, so he tried it again
Oh, poor Magic, You can not fly away today.
He turned to her in a rage. What have you done?
I reversed your trick. I know how.

You’re just a woman, stupid and needy. I was safe!
I could not live in that straw hovel, the castle, that was the place.
Silly girl, why do you think I picked you so young?
If you’d ever told, you and your family would have been hung.

How clever of you, terrible changeling
But I wasn’t as foolish as you were thinking
My mother was hiding in that village in the trees
So she could teach me her craft from the powers that be.

What has that to do with me? The little man asked.
My Mother was an enchantress and her power was vast.
She had just started to teach me when I encountered you
She needed the King and his castle to keep you contained.

As long as she lived I was safe from you by her spell.
What spell, I heard no spell, I felt no spell.
As we left the castle the spell was broken. And you remembered.
But I remember everything you said or felt

Not until we flew out the window into the sky.
Ha, an imaginative story full of sorrow and lies.
So, what happens now, is this where you’ll tell me I’ll die?
You won’t die. But I will curse you

With what? You have no power.
I slowly took your power while you were not aware.
What you have left is smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand.
You will never hurt another or lay waste upon the land.

You will keep your name, Magic, but not your powers
What have you done to me? What will you do?
I’m giving your powers to a man who is worthy.
Ha! There is no one here, but you and I.

*Come forth. She called out.
And a handsome man appeared in a thick mist.
He came forward and joined her with a bow.
The Princess pulled a hand full of starlight out of the air

She blew on them lightly and they flew into the man.
He bowed to her again and walked into the mist to disappear
*NO! The imp screamed. Thief, liar, hateful beast.
The man has been given your power and much, more

*True knowledge. Do as you will and harm none.
What you have done will come back to you threefold.
I lost everything only to have it given to a Charleton?
Oh no, You cannot be imprisoned, so this is your sentence

He will start a new art for the best in the world.
I have called it Magick
To practice love and kindness to one and all.
What is the name of this godly man?

Didn’t I tell you? His name is … MERLIN

Thanks for reading this little story written
for fun and foolishness- a satire
The End



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Wow, this had quite a twist! I love it! Thank you for sharing it with us!


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