How to call your spirit animal

I wanna learn a spell to call my spirit animal


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I’m not sure we have a specific spell here on Spells8 for calling your spirit animal. I think the best way to get in touch with your guiding animal is through meditation. Have a look at YouTube for some free meditations that might help with this. Also, keep in mind that sometimes your guiding animal won’t come to you unless you’re ready or when the time is right.

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On top of what Megan said about meditation, try these options. Lucid dreaming is a really good one!

Ritual: Your ritual can simply be to light candles, incenses and write a note asking your power animal to come to you. Or, you can even write why you need their help. For example, you can write to the bear to ask for his/her strength, or the wolf for his/her inner wisdom.

Use your words: As with prayers, you can ask your power animal for help by using words. You can create your own prayer or call it the way you feel at that time, for example: “Help me, fox, I need your cunning to get out of this situation.”

Divinations: If you are used to reading Tarot or Oracle cards, you can try a new deck and see if it helps you find your spirit animal. One such deck is The Spirit Animal Oracle: A 68-Card Deck and Guidebook

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You’ve got some great advice and resources here- I’m just popping in to ask if you have already established the identity of your spirit animal? If so, you may be able to form a deeper connection by working with that animal directly.

Like Megan and Francisco mentioned, continuing to learn more about your spirit animal will help you to develop your bond. Spirit Animals is a great discussion about this.

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There are actually different types of animal guides. Spirit Animal, Totem Animal, Power Animal.

  • Spirit Animal: Attached to each lesson. Whatever lesson you are going through at the time. They come in and out of your life at different times.
  • Totem Animal: Stay with you your whole life
  • Power Animal: Getting you through your current situation(s)