How to call your spirit animal

I wanna learn a spell to call my spirit animal


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I’m not sure we have a specific spell here on Spells8 for calling your spirit animal. I think the best way to get in touch with your guiding animal is through meditation. Have a look at YouTube for some free meditations that might help with this. Also, keep in mind that sometimes your guiding animal won’t come to you unless you’re ready or when the time is right.

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On top of what Megan said about meditation, try these options. Lucid dreaming is a really good one!

Ritual: Your ritual can simply be to light candles, incenses and write a note asking your power animal to come to you. Or, you can even write why you need their help. For example, you can write to the bear to ask for his/her strength, or the wolf for his/her inner wisdom.

Use your words: As with prayers, you can ask your power animal for help by using words. You can create your own prayer or call it the way you feel at that time, for example: “Help me, fox, I need your cunning to get out of this situation.”

Divinations: If you are used to reading Tarot or Oracle cards, you can try a new deck and see if it helps you find your spirit animal. One such deck is The Spirit Animal Oracle: A 68-Card Deck and Guidebook

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You’ve got some great advice and resources here- I’m just popping in to ask if you have already established the identity of your spirit animal? If so, you may be able to form a deeper connection by working with that animal directly.

Like Megan and Francisco mentioned, continuing to learn more about your spirit animal will help you to develop your bond. Spirit Animals is a great discussion about this.

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Welcome @andrea17 , and great question! Glad you posted - happy to read all the responses.


There are actually different types of animal guides. Spirit Animal, Totem Animal, Power Animal.

  • Spirit Animal: Attached to each lesson. Whatever lesson you are going through at the time. They come in and out of your life at different times.
  • Totem Animal: Stay with you your whole life
  • Power Animal: Getting you through your current situation(s)

In talking with a friend, I explained that my spirit animal has never appeared to me. His answer was this; use meditation to contact your spirit animal for what you request. There are many spirit animals and will come to you BUT you must never speak the name of your spirit animal or they will be gone. Each has a name known only to you of which you may never speak out loud. They (there are many) and each come when different situations arise. therefore, once you know them, they will come when you need them.
Any thoughts or books anyone recommends?


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Interesting- I don’t think I’ve heard this before! It reminds me of some of the standard warnings while dealing with the Fae (to never give your name, as it is a powerful thing). And back in the day, traditional practices encouraged secrecy (which makes sense for safety reasons).

I can’t recall any books or resources specifically about losing spirit guides due to sharing their names, but we do have plenty of discussions about spirit guides in general. Here are forum discussions that discuss spirit guides- feel free to check out any that call to you!

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I’ve never actually heard this before :thinking: I agree with @TheTravelWitch_Bry in that it sounds like dealing with the Fae or other spiritual beings. Names are powerful, that’s for sure! I also don’t have any book recommendations when it comes to spirit guides. It’s such a broad subject with varying opinions and beliefs that I think it would be hard to put everything together in a book.

You might find luck reading through our Witchy Book Reviews! Spells8 Book Club Reviews Masterlist - Sessions I ~ XV and see if anyone there has read a book on spirit animals that they’d recommend!

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Merry meet. You might have many spirit animals. I’ve been reading this book called Animal Speak by Ted Andrews check it out maybe there is something in there to help guide you in the right direction. Also maybe sit in nature with a candle and some incense. Talk to your spirit animal and ask for it to show it self. Try to be open to the answer that is already inside of you. Listen to the sounds of nature and it should make its appearance. Sometimes our soul gets wound up it feels like inside we are like a pot of boiling water about to explode. I say we are like boiling water because we feel the world differently than others everything is intense for us. Controlling your own energy and bringing it to a balance level is key. My suggestion is when your sitting in nature with your candle and incense bring a clear container of water. Watch the water and practice calming your breathing and focus on being still inside like the bowl of water. As you do this and random thoughts come to your mind tell your mind not right now letting it know that you will handle those issues but now is not thetime for that so it can relax. Then imagine it leaving like a folder of thoughts being put to the side. Do this until your mind calms down and begins to become still like the bowl water. After your mind is still and your body is relaxed only then can you hear your soul. This is when I would speak to your spirit guide and asked it to reveal its form. Listen to your soul for the answer. Fasting before I meditate helps me to connect better too. Good luck friend and blessed be


@danielle7 that book is amazing. I have it too


Thank you so much for your input, I will be reading.
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I will be reading as time allows and thank you so much.
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Thank you, I will definitely try this method; also will check out the book!
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First, I want to thank you for all the great information and those who assist; y’all are amazing!
I am so thankful I have found a place to connect with others!

Thank you so much for the ideas and will get to work on this and will let everyone know how the process helped me. Will be reading a lot and trying to meditate which is hard for me.

Lastly, the black cat on the lessons page that walks out, looks in the viewer’s direction, I seem to love watching this after every lesson. Is this a random cat or is he yours? Anyhoo, it makes me smile every time a lesson is completed!

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The pleasure is all mine, @Jypsy- wishing you good luck with your spirit work! Blessed be! :sparkles::blush: