How to contact a loved one that's reaching out/ without the negative energy/enitites spirits there to take them away and keep other negative energy or enitites or spirits away

Hi how is everyone one…? I was just wondering how to contact a loved one that’s reaching out without the negative energy or negative enitites/ spirits there to take them away and keep other negative energy or enitites or spirits away…if there is a away I hope there is if so please tell me or contact me in the need of some help really bad… would appreciate it alot!!


When you cast a circle of protection, before summoning or welcoming this spirit, you could specifically say that ONLY that spirit is welcome in your sacred space or circle and none other. Say it out loud. I don’t think negative energies can attach to you very easily unless perhaps, you were struggling with something, and probably not even then. If you raise your vibration before doing spell work, if you are in a state of positive energy, that might help. Like, if someone in real life was mean to you one day, it would make a big difference if you hadn’t been sleeping well, eating well, were arguing or had a guilty conscience. It might bother you more, right? Because you already felt out of sorts. But say, I don’t know, someone cut you off in traffic or said something insensitive. Well, if you had been taking great care of yourself, took a walk in the sunshine, and had been doing some gratitude journaling and had recently been kind or generous to someone, then that wouldn’t be a fun thing to experience or hear, but it would have much less of an impact on you because your head and body were in a good place. So, my guess is that is is much the same with spirits. I just went to a seance last night and the occultists did mention that repelling negative spirits is simply a matter of telling them they are not welcome. So, I would focus on being in a good space in yourself, and then focusing on how much you love that person and less on fear of some unknown thing that could happen. Just turn your mind to the good :slight_smile:


Ok thank you so much for the info… but how would you summon the spirit you want to get into contact with? Sorry I’m still pretty new to this stuff…


My thoughts on this are do not summon anyone who has died in the past year. If you choose to summon someone, choose someone to whom you are related and who you believe has your best interest at heart. And have a very good reason, right? I mean, spirits are at rest. So, you wouldn’t call someone in the middle of the night without a darn good reason, right? And you wouldn’t bother someone about something you could very well handle yourself. So, if you felt, for example, that Grandma or your Great Aunt would have some good advice for you that you are ready to hear, you could simply meditate on that and call on them, verbally, out loud. It would be very rare for someone to respond to you in an audible way but you could ask for a sign, like something that meant something to them. The presence of spirits might be the sudden appearance of an animal, flickering lights, a smell or knocking sound, maybe a sensation to you that someone is present; the energy. Maybe they liked gray cats, you could ask to see a gray cat in a few days to know if they would be able to help you with your question. Alternatively, you could do something they liked. Like, did they have a favorite song? You could play that. Or if they wore a specific perfume, you could have some of that on hand and smell it. They might have a favorite food. Last Samhain, I was trying to contact my grandfather and I put tobacco on the altar So, you have these things to welcome them. Their picture or their name on the altar. A very respectful thing to do would be to visit their final resting place and leave flowers or tidy it up and say a few words of thanks. But do your spell work elsewhere. Another way you could summon them is to do some pendulum work and ask a series of yes or no questions. Last night, at the seance, we did an automatic writing exercise. We wrote – do you have a message I need to hear (or similar) at the top of the page. Then we wrote for 7 minutes. You clear your mind and you wait for phrases or words to pop in your head, without judging, you write them down. They may not make sense right away, so keep the paper for a while, and perhaps, burn it when you are done with it. My spirit repeated several times: find a way and I’m not sure what it meant but some of the other things did make sense. I think my grandmother wants me to reconcile with my sister, I am not sure. You can also welcome this communication to come to you in a dream. You can think of the person and the question your have, or the guidance you want, and see if if over a week or two, any messages come through for you. So, those are just some ways. Oh, and after you have a session with the spirits (and thank them), take some time for grounding, e.g., drink some water and eat a snack, relax.


Ok thank you I would like to give you more information but is there anyway I can private message you… because for some reason it isn’t letting me on here…


There is something I say when I cast my circle. I call the quarters, I call on guides and I call on my ancestors. I say something to the effect, “Ancestors, you paved the way and I am grateful. I am your descendant and I love you. I ask for your presence and blessings as I perform my works this night.” and when I finish up I say, “Ancestors, you were here with me and I thank you. Go in peace in love.”


Hi there!

I don’t have much else to add that hasn’t already been said besides a few different links and articles that you might find helpful :heart:


I love this. I was trying to find a way to bring in my ancestors that was not difficult but yet respectful. I always include them as I cast my circle. I love having their energy with me within my circle. Thank you.


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