How To Deal With Spiritual Burn Outs

@christopher5 just take it slow. The info will be there later lol. I would pick something you are interested in learning and focus on that. And maybe cut back on the time of your meditations and devotionals. Or take a walk and meditate outside. Or just take a day and relax. It is your path, however you walk it is perfect


Meditations does not have to be long. I think people have this notion in their head that meditations should be hours long in order for it to work. That is not the case. You can take 30 seconds of mindfulness and it works.

It begins with awareness. So, stop and take a moment to catch your breath and be mindful. In this simple action, in that moment, that moment you were aware of the breath…that is considered a form of meditation. Stop. Be aware. Take 3 mindful breaths. You just meditated. :blush:

Taking a walk - being in the moment. Noticing the trees. The bugs. The dog barking. The smells…that’s mindfulness meditation.

I offer witch challenges on my website if you are interest. I try to give quick things you can do daily. It’s practicing daily without hours and hours of dedication.

What I did and still do is I make it a point to read at least 10 pages a book per day. I go into it with saying…OK just 10 pages, I can do that…I have time for that…and it typically ends of being more. But, I go into it with a set goal of just 10 pages – it makes it feel less daunting to me going into it with that mindset. Because, I was like you, felt I had to cram everything in…you don’t…because know you will be learning forever… lol. It never ends. So, take your time and enjoy the journey.

Literally, you can wash your hands and say, “Elemental water take my stress away - let it flow out of me and down the drain. I am at peace. So mote it be.” You just performed magick with that simple “mundane” act.

Don’t be so hard on yourself and ENJOY your practice. Stop thinking of it like a “I HAVE TO DO THIS!” and start thinking about WHY you want to do it…do it because it brings you joy. Do it because it feels good. Do it because it fulfills you spiritually. This should not feel like a job and if it does… take a week off and recharge yourself with some nature walks. :blush::leaves:


Thank you very much. @SilverBear :heart_eyes: :star2:


I agree with the others, stop trying to force yourself and just enjoy life as it comes. Each moment is magical if you let it be. Even while stuck in the line at the store.

Also, take time for some self-care. Do something you like to do. That will help you relax and stress less.


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Your welcome


I agree with @christina4 100% on this! It’s something we all struggle with from time to time is burnouts. Definitely focusing on one topic/subject at a time helps a lot! And that time frame can be whatever you set to from a week to a month or longer. Try not to overthink on things but it’s easier said than done. I struggle with overthinking on a daily but eventually things come to you better over time. Everyone from beginner to many years of the craft, spiritual, or religious path struggle with burn outs. Its continuous learning :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’ve been experiencing a good deal of burnout myself and I can not stress how important self care is during burnout. Do a spiritual bath, a grounding exercise where you can connect bare feet with the soil of the earth, etc. Right now I have hit pause on any spell work and I’ve been focusing primarily on researching my Matron goddess and her pantheon, meditation and I’ve been working on getting my altar set up for Mabon and doing meditation with lavender/chamomile tea and journaling about it. I’ve also taken advantage of this time to Wildcraft herbs for my apothecary cabinet and working on some craft related projects for my art studio while I’m in the revamp/relaunch phase of my business plan. The main thing is doing things (or possibly nothing at all if that’s what you feel led to do) that bring peace and comfort to your soul. I just recently acquired an aragonite sphere and I’ve been meditating with it kinda heavily as of late because when used to bring balance to a particular chakra it activates and realigns all of them. Just remember that hitting pause on spell work or adding other activities to your practice during burnout days doesn’t make you any less of a witch. You have to do routine maintenance on your soul and body in order to keep it running in peak condition because if you don’t tend your inner spark then the pilot light goes out and no energy for manifesting can present itself. Cars don’t run with no spark to ignite the gas and phones can’t operate with dead batteries. Magic can’t happen with no energy spark so whatever the activity that you feel drawn to do just be sure that it’s soothing to your soul.

Also sometimes when I get burnt out I’ll stock my travel altar with a few extra candles and ingredients and move away from the big altar and work in a different room or occasionally in my yard or the woods. Sometimes the same environment at your altar gets stale or uninspiring and a change of scenery can spark that energy back up and then you’re left in awe of that difference just moving to a different work space can make. I’m not sure what your surroundings are like or where you usually practice but I find myself more comfortable working in the living room sometimes because our living room is in the exact center of our house and I see it kinda like the heart of the house/ground zero. But other times I just need to go outside and feel the wind blowing all the negative or stale energetic residue off of me and anchor myself back to the earth by walking barefoot in the yard especially if it’s late at night or early morning when the dew is on the ground and the world is more still and quiet since most common triggers for my burnouts are from being overwhelmed by too many levels of different energies pooling in one place or lots of commotion/visitors/events that are not normal parts of my daily life so the peaceful still of the late night/early morning hours and rooting myself in the earth that made me is like the feeling of coming back home after a very long vacation or trip to an unfamiliar place.

In any case, I’ll pray for a speedy recovery and light a candle to send a little bump of my energy your way (I can’t promise it’ll be of any use to you because as I said I’m on a magical hiatus myself but I’m happy to loan what I can spare)


@phoenix_dawn Thank you very much for your insight, its very much appreciated. :heart_eyes:


Just my opinion, but I agree that practice is as much the little things as casting circles and lighting candles. I consider the time I spend here, connecting with the coven, as practice. When I’m in the shower, I turn three times clockwise and ask the water to rinse away negative energy. Reading, taking an eyes closed moment to assess my energy, setting bugs free outside instead of squishing them, all of it counts. The Craft is as much a way of living as it is your BOS and spells.


@christopher5 no worries. I’m still in my first year of practicing but thanks to the insight of the very gifted members of infinite roots I’ve learned quite a few tricks for dealing with the bumps that hit as an empath. Every witch is different and what works for one won’t necessarily work for another but every witch is also the same too.we all have the same basic needs just need someone who has a more specific path to our own to shine the light to lead us to our destination. I do a lot of reading and research to cope with the overwhelming effects from the energy tidal waves I experience when interacting with the outside world so I have picked up quite a few useful tricks and if I don’t have a tip that helps I can probably find one pretty quick so if you ever need anything my inbox is usually open and a decent reply time… I’ve kinda been lurking around the forum the last week or two but I’m around to share any facts or theories I have about things magical and mundane alike


Honestly, just take a break. Step back from doing absolutely everything and go into a period of rest where you don’t do anything (unless you have obligations and contracts with Spirits). Sometimes we need a reset :man_shrugging:t3: Taking a break can remind you of the things you enjoy doing in your practice because you’ll start to miss them. You can then slowly start to bring things back into your day, but if it doesn’t serve you or have purpose, leave it out and just stop doing it.


@MeganB What i have decided to do is to do my daily devotions in the morning and then 20 min meditation and then of course do my daily responsibilities then in the evening go on a nice lovely walk to connect more with nature and then read a couple pages in my “Outer Temple of Witchcraft book” and do a 20 min Nightly mediation before i go to bed. :grinning:


Ok so I typed this reply around 1:32pm EST but I’ve apparently replied my “limit” and that I have to wait 3hrs before I can send this. That sucks LOL

I completely understand where your coming from on wanting to do it all right then and there. I have to remind myself and i’ll say this to myself out loud because “thought” talking to myself just doesn’t seem to work LOL… I’ll say “Jennifer you do not have to do it all right now. I know your excited but there is sooo much to do and so much to learn. Take one thing at a time. It’s ok! Your not going to disappoint anyone. Your only one person and there is only so much you can do.”

I haven’t read other peoples comments yet on your post but I will in a sec so hopefully these will not be repeats. There are several ways to recharge yourself in my experience and you may have already tried these.

  1. Close your eyes and go into your heart center to connect with your self and your higher self. Cause as you know the Heart Chakra is the gateway to everything, all knowledge/remembrance, higher self, other world etc. Then image a beam of white light full of recharging positive love energy dripping down over your body and down into your crown chakra all the way down to your feet…just filling you up with replenishing energies and sit with that deliciousness for a little while and of course smile.

  2. Ground yourself to Mother Earth by imaging roots coming out the bottom of your feet and going into Mother Earth down to her core center of beautiful white light. Image her loving energies coming up those roots into your feet up all your chakras filling your with energizing energies all the way up to your crown chakra.

  3. If you have plants, tending to them and connecting with them also helps recharge me. They also help cleanse me of negative energies and improve my mood when needed.

  4. Taking a warm bath or shower setting the intent that the water will cleanse you and your energy field and that you will feel recharged.

  5. Just sit outside and enjoy nature and do absolutely NOTHING. Listen to the birds sing and the air element as it brushes through the trees/bush/grass and even through your hair and just give gratitude. Look at the beautiful sky, is it clear blue, are there clouds? if so what do the clouds look like to you. Do you see birds fly across the sky? are there kids playing outside? Just be in the NOW moment and observe and give thanks for having a moment to just be.

  6. Also sometimes just saying to yourself and your Guides that you need a break, that your human and time to rest. You do not need to be on all the time.

  7. The other is DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Just sit and watch tv all day, read a book, exercise, just chill. And it’s important to NOT feel guilty about doing nothing. There is no need for guilt, its your life so what do you have to feel guilty about.

But I get why you want to do it all, trust me I do. Much love my friend my love!
Blessed be :pray:


It’s understandable that you’d want to learn as much as possible in a short amount of time when you first start practicing. It’s new and exciting. However, it’s important to remember that there’s no deadline for learning the basics or deciding what kind of path you want to take. Whether you’ve been in The Craft for one month, one year, or ten years, you’ll always be learning something.
My best advice for spiritual burnout is to rest. With the moon waning, now is the perfect time for that. Mediations don’t have to be an hour or thirty minutes. I have found that five to ten minutes is the perfect time to prepare myself for magickal working or when I simply need some for rest and relaxation. Sitting outside, watching the sunrise or sunset, with your favorite beverage, is another great way to rest when you’re feeling spiritual burned out.


I call it witches burn out. I’m not an expert so anyone feel free to correct me. Basically we all have magical energy. Everytime you cast a spell, or do a ritual, or consecrate/charge something or anything like that you spend a bit of your magical energy. Your magical energy replenishes naturally over time. However if you do 6 spells in one day you may completely deplete all of your magical energy making you feel tired and unmotivated. When you get witches burn out simply just take a break from everything for at least a few days, get some more sleep, rest, make sure you are eating and drinking enough. Soon you will notice that you have more energy/drive to continue practicing your craft. I hope this helps (:


Thanks! Sorry I just saw this. But come to find out, I didn’t have poison ivy but instead I had the shingles :expressionless:


Oh no! Those can be awful, I’ve heard. I started to make a joke about my roof, but this is no joking matter. My sincerest wishes to you for good health. You are such a wonderful person!


Oh dear, sending you love and light healing energies


Hello Christopher,
I can understand spiritual burnout so what I do is keep it simple, I generally do yoga :woman_in_lotus_position: as my spiritual inspiration for motivation.
As well as lightning some sage to clear all the energies around me but know I can’t even do that cause my roommate is allergic so I just smell my smudge stick! I wave it in the air and imagine the smoke :dash: and take deep inhalations while it’s pressed up against my nose. Recently I had a big move so it’s made it a challenge to attend any ritual and has made it very challenging to do any ritual in a Christian home. I have many battles. I have to be craftier in my pursuit of happiness. So I lit my one candle that Is white with my symbolism that keeps me inspired. It’s a daily flame :fire: that helps me connect to spirit. I connect to my lovely coven when I can. It’s people like you that keep me connected in my craft. I connect to my diety through prayer :pray:t4: and journaling in my B.O.S! I connect to my amethyst that helps me find my wisdom within! I know my amethyst will aid me in my journey! I connect to my stone for strength in my recovery! I know that I am sovereign and I try to be mindful even when I am so airy!
All I would like to point out is since my move I feel burned out cause I don’t have all my witchy correspondences! I feel left out cause I haven’t been able to do some of the rituals that were recommended due to no supplies. It left me feeling burned out from this move! I just can’t wait till I can put all this behind me.
I am glad we touched on this topic so I don’t feel alone.

Also looking back I need to work smarter as well and be mindful of what I put in my home. I need to keep a positive flow. I have had lots of clutter in the past! I have 3 storages and I am not looking forward to bringing all my stuff to the new home. I don’t want to be overwhelmed with too much!

I made an oath to myself to practice Feng Shui in my home so I don’t have too much clutter in my home anymore! Fung Shui has room plans, techniques, and inspiration to transform your home for health and happiness! It uses the five elements to show destructive and creative cycles! It has a Table of elements in colors for different room locations. It teaches Chi energy
Yin and Yang :yin_yang:


I wonder if you could use some Feng Shui
This is a book that you can get and a video that can help you understand Feng Shui
Spirit Science Feng Shui
Amazon book Holistic Feng Shui
U tube video on Feng Shui
The ancients looked up to this way of thinking and you can decide whether or not these principles can help you get in the right direction! You can use a garden in your living space. Or what about your office? What about your bedroom or bathroom?
This can help your spiritual path too and influence your life! I hope that this can help with any blockages you may be experiencing! This is an art :framed_picture: this can help your destiny as well!
May this bring your yin and Yang :yin_yang: into balance!