How to get out of a twinflame contract?

Help!!! I done cord cutting, hypnosis, mediating, burning clothes, spell work, I just want it to go away I go to sleep with crystals in my hair bonnet and crystals under my pillows, around my bed to keep away his energy and the energy of people trying to use magic to keep us apart I love my life to must to end it but OMG. I don’t have money to get a divorce. Stuck, lonely and he playing single and doing what he wants. *


I am sorry to hear this is happening to you @elvelyn and i know how hard it can be when others try to interfere with our lives… To be honest it sounds like you are doing all you can at the moment on your part and i am no marriage counsellor, and i would say try talking the issue out with your husband issue but it sounds like you are past this… Perhaps seeing a Marriage counsellor would be worth it as you never know you may find that you both enjoy it and there is things that you can express more freely with a little prompting from the professional… Sorry i can’t be of more help but i too have my fair share of issues within my marriage and my personal experience i had to cut ties with everyone on the outside world such as friends and family to keep my marriage from falling apart but i can tell you this is no way to live and in fact is doing me more harm than good… I would just remove the immediate toxic people from your life and seek help! I hope you can sort it all out :heartpulse:


What’s a “twinflame contract?”


Hi there :wave:t3:

So, the first thing I would recommend is to take all the mundane routes that you can. You said you’ve already done cord cuttings and spellwork but if you’re not following that up with actual action, nothing is going to change. I’m not a huge fan of the idea of twin flames as we see in the New Age community, but that’s a different topic. However, I feel like my concern with the potential for abuse with some Twin Flame ideas colors my opinion when talking about this.

Anyway, if you have access, seek therapy or counseling either separate or together. The easiest thing you can do, again, if you have the means, is to just leave. Just because you don’t have the money for a divorce doesn’t mean you have to stay in the same area or home. Following up your magical actions with physical actions is the most important step in almost any working, anyway.

I hope you find the right path for you, though, and that you can get out of this situation you’re in.