How to Keep your Altar Free of Candle Wax

I was having candle wax run all over my altar cloth and its hard, as you know, to get off. First I cut little pieces of foil and put under all the candles. Then I got to thinking, there had to be a better way. I was going to have hubby cut wood rounds to set them on, like coasters and then I thought COASTERS!! but wanted some that were “witchy/wicca” I found these on Ebay…and they work well, look nice etc,


Those look great! I can’t seem to have enough candleholders! I’m about to start using tuna cans!

(Click to expand) From ICreativeIdeas

They look quite nice too!


Hey that’s a cool idea!!

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Those are beautiful Roxanne! I’ll have to look into getting something like that. I mostly use tealights right now, but I do have some larger candles that I’ve been holding off on burning because I don’t have a place to set them. I can’t burn them on my altar cloth because it is a pain to get candle wax out of crocheted stuff…lol