How to Make Black Salt for Protection Witchcraft

Did you know you can make your own Black Salt at home? Black Salt is a Kitchen Magic ingredient, which is usually charged or blessed with an intention or purpose. It could be love, healing, abundance, breaking a curse, prosperity, calm or something else.

Keep in mind that this salt has nothing to do with the black salt that is used for cooking, so it should not be eaten. Use it only for spellcasting!

This black salt recipe is done by adding sea salt to a mixture of ingredients to obtain that dark color that gives its name.

How to Make Black Salt for Spells :sparkles:

You will need:

  • Sea salt (3 tbsp)
  • Ashes (1 tbsp)

The first thing is to make the ashes. You can use ashes from your fireplace (firewood or charcoal), but it’s best if you use ashes of herbs that you’ve selected and burned yourself.

1 . Find one or more of these protective herbs. Make sure they are fully dry before you begin:

Bergamot, cedar, cypress, lime, lemon, myrrh, juniper, rosemary, anise, vetiver, dill, basil, cinnamon, thyme, parsley, mugwort, poplar, yarrow, elm, holly, linden, hawthorn, ash, willow, oak, coconut, bay leaf, myrtle, birch, incense, jasmine, patchouli, pine, rue, verbena, ferns, fir, hazel, heather, mistletoe, pepper, thistle, wormwood.

2 . Burn one or a few of these herbs in your cauldron or other fireproof container using a charcoal tablet.

3 . Once it goes out, scrape the cauldron to get the ashes, and crush everything. Optionally, you can add some ground black pepper.

4 . Add your mixture to the sea salt in a 1-to-3 proportion (3 parts of salt per 1 part of ashes).

It might not look totally “black”, remember this is a DIY alternative. While it won’t be black as coal, it will have the same power as Witch’s Salt.

What is Black Salt used for in Magic?

As you may know, salt has many magickal uses and a long history in rituals of purification, protection and blessing.

  • Some witches like to pour this salt on window frames and doorways to protect the home.

  • When you cast a spell, pour a pinch of Black Salt in each corner of the room, before beginning the ritual, to scare away any negative entities.

  • Place it on your altar to add power to your spells, meditations, or daily wiccan practice.

  • Use it for cleaning or consecrating crystals, amulets, tools, circles of protection, and more.

  • When you have a visitor at home and can feel a negative energy, sprinkle a pinch of the Salt after they leave to clear away the bad vibes.

  • Use it as a protection ingredient when casting banishing spells, or any spell that uses regular or coarse salt.

New Moon Bath with Black Salt

If you’re getting ready for a big change in your life, take this bath on the night of the New Moon.

  1. Add seven tablespoons of Black Salt to a warm water bath and relax for about 20 minutes.

  2. Over the next lunar cycle (one month) you will get rid of your old spiritual skin and remove any blockages or barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals.