How would you interpret this?

Hello everyone. I cast this return to sender spell on the weekend, when I went to collect the lemon halves this is what I found? Did i do something wrong? Do i need to do something more to protect myself?
Ps. Yes tthere Is dog hair on it lol. My dog is shedding.


I have not done this spell before but I read over it briefly to familiarize myself with it. Did you place it under your bed? (I’m guessing yes, hence the dog hair! :laughing: No judgment, my cats shed all the time). Did you snuff the candle at the end of the ritual? If so, then you still have it to relight “whenever you need to recharge the spell for extra protection.”

If you left it for a few days and it’s hot in your house the lemon might have gotten a bit funky and started to decay, but I’m not sure if you are seeing something specific on or in the lemons that concerns you?

Personally, I would go less on how it looks (as the spell does say to toss it in the compost after keeping it under your bed overnight) and go by how you feel. How did you feel during the spell, after, now?


Im more worried about the cloves falling out on the 1 half? Something felt off during. And yes i still have the candle


I’ll go with the mundane answer first, it may be that leaving the lemon out for a few days it began to dry out and the cloves loosened and fell out. I did notice that even though it’s not included in the spell ingredients it suggests putting the lemon halves with the cloves in a dish or cup before placing them under the bed. That might help with keeping things intact. It’s worth a shot. :woman_shrugging:

Go with your gut - if it feels like something was off and didn’t go right the first time, I don’t think there would be any harm in doing it again!