I can't believe this was in my living room. Has this happened to anyone else?

I just can’t believe that this was really happening in my living room. Just the other day I
was wondering why was I thinking of these thoughts. Then I looked over to my small table
and to my surprise I found this.

my jar to see if there is negativity in the room.

Well, I need to redo this jar in the living room again. I put in half a cup of vinegar, a cup of water and then put in some coarse sea salt. I was glad to see that this has not happened in my computer room and my spells room.


Whoa. Never seen anything like that!


the salt crystals show the negativity in the room. Started a new one today.


Great job getting the negativity out of that room! Fresh salt is definitely needed in there! I hope it works well for you with the new one also.


Wow, that’s really neat @Debra2! :heart_eyes: I haven’t used a salt negativity jar myself before, but it seems that this one is working for you :+1:

Maybe I’ve been burying my head in tea leaf readings and wax readings too much lately haha, but I can’t help but wonder if you could read the shapes in the salt formations? :thinking:

The salt negativity jar is a form of spellwork placed to remove negativity, so perhaps, in theory, you could read the results to learn more about the source of negativity and how best to overcome it?

Just a thought- don’t mind me rambling! :laughing: Thanks for sharing the results of your negativity jar, Debra- it is really cool to see! :blush:


Wow, Im adding this to my list of things to try! Thank you!


I have had a lot of Negativity at work recently and I am going to try this in my office to see if I can pull some of the negativity out of the space. I read the recipe so I have that, however is there a specific intention or message I should give the jar before I place it in my office? I hope that makes sense on what I am asking, I am still new to this so want to make sure I am doing it correctly. Thank you. :hugs:


Wow! That’s crazy! And cool…


Wow! I’m sure you’re glad you got all that out


Thank you all for your comments, I could not believe there was that much negativity in that room. Bry, I think I can see a man holding on the edge of the jar on the left side. And almost looks like an animal on the right south side. Well, so far that is what I see.


That is just wow! I didn’t know there was such a thing. Is there any invocation that goes with checking the negativity in different rooms and how long should i wait to check?


Same here now i know its called a salt negativity jar i will look that up here and hopefully find something to try… Love to prove my partner wrong that my sacred room is the one that holds the negativity…


I didn’t do any spell or invocation with it.


Started a new glass in the same area of the room, oh that’s my grandson, Austin is my pride and joy.


Ok all good. I will make sure to set my intention then. So just checking its half a cup of vinegar, a cup of water and some coarse sea salt… How much sea salt did you use?


I just used that vinegar and water solution, then just poured some sea salt into the mixture.


Thanks i will buy some jars and try this :blush:


I am doing this at home and in my office at work! thank you for this @debra2, also your grandson is a cutie!


When it comes to deciding whether or not to do a reading for interpretations, one of the requirements I set for myself (mostly to prevent me from feeling the need to try to read every thing I come across :laughing:) is that the reading matter is the result of a spell or magickal endeavor.

I know you said that you didn’t do a spell or invocation with the jar, but as this is a magick jar that was sent with the intention of removing negativity, that counts as magick in my book :wink: And is thus something that can be read into! :mag_right: :grinning:

As the caster/implementer of the spell, I always believe that what you see in the salt has the most personal connection and thus has the most value in being read :+1:

You’ll likely have your own personal interpretations (which, again, I personally feel will carry the most weight as you are the caster/creator of the negativity jar) but just sharing a few thoughts that popped into mind:

  • :man_beard: The man holding on seems self-explanatory- there’s a male presence clinging on, unwilling or unable to leave, that is causing negativity in the space. It may be someone who is there physically (in person) or a lingering memory.

  • As for the animal… it’s hard to go deeper without a specific type of animal :thinking: I took a look and saw this:

Was the animal you saw on the eastern side there, @Debra2? I saw a pair of people- what looks like a man and a woman holding hands :people_holding_hands:. At their side was what I thought was a child at first, but the more I stared at it the more it began to shape into a dog or cat :dog2: :cat2:. I’d say this is pointing to someone in particular- do you know a couple that has a pet who is basically like their child? :thinking:

  • :fish: I also saw a fish there at the very bottom- it seemed to be too large for it’s tank, swimming in stagnant water, struggling within it’s confinement. Perhaps that’s relevant to the negativity in your space, but I’ve also been seeing a lot of fish lately, so that may just be me projecting :laughing:

As always, these are just my personal thoughts/visions put on the table in the hopes that they might help you!

Thanks again for sharing your salt negativity jar- I hope it has helped to remove the negativity from your space! :heart:

Blessed be, Debra!


@TheTravelWitch_Bry I agree with you, even though it is a spell jar its intention is to pull out negativity and it did work.
The man holding on to the edge does seem to be holding onto something.
I would say the animal is a dog, the woman, and man holding hands could be one is trying to hold onto what they once shared. Yes, I do know a couple like this, my brother and sister-in-law, she is a negative person.
I do see the fish at the bottom of the jar. It’s fighting to survive I would say and can be the negativity trying to hang on to.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the salt figures. I got more out of it with your help.
Started new ones again and included them in all areas of my home.

Blessed be Bry