I Have to Share This With You All

Ok so I have the Sacred Earth Oracle.

The card I pulled was Fortitude.

Listen to what it says:
The mountain watches the comings and goings of time. Snow or fire may ravage it’s surface, but it’s center is unchanged. Ice drifts into streams that reach to the oceans. Ash sinks into soil and rekindles growth. You are a mountain. The comings and goings of life might rage on the surface, but your center is strong, watchful and enduring. Harsh words, criticisms and doubts are like pebbles. They might be flung your way, and you may notice them, but they cannot touch your core. The mountain is anchored deep in the earth and rises beyond the clouds. Feel the sure footings of your foundation. Connect to your center that cannot be rocked. Rise to your lofty heights, and you can see forever.

That’s deep!!!

Wow :astonished::scream: I’m mind blown. I felt like it was speaking directly to me with my situation with my mom. I was tearing up!!


Whoa. That is deep. Very nice oracle! Thank you for sharing!


Hey Baby girl! Your new deck seems to cry out to me. It is earthy, deep and a little dark. I see past, present and future of Mankind and an attempt to balance nature or a deep love of nature.

Then I read what it said and thought, How very insightful!