I lost my favorite crystal :(

I lost my favorite crystal today. It was a smokey quartz I carried everyday everywhere. I’ve been so upset and crying. Why does it feel like I lost a part of me?


@marcie. Sorry to learn of your lost smokey quartz. Hoping that it’s only displaced and you find it or something that will fill the void that it’s absence has left. :heart:


I’m so sorry to hear about your lost crystal, @marcie. Many witches think of their magickal tools as being sacred- they are an extension of more than just our practices, they are an extension of us. Losing them can feel like losing a part of ourselves :cry:

Perhaps try this Spell to Find Lost Objects?


I hope your crystal finds its way back to you! Blessed be, Marcie! :sparkles:


I’m so sorry you’ve lost your favorite crystal :people_hugging: I suggest the find lost objects spell that @TheTravelWitch_Bry posted, too. Hopefully it isn’t lost forever and you find it :heart:


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