I’m alive!

Hey friends! I’m alive (maybe just barely!). I welcomed 20 beautiful new 6 year olds into my classroom this week and whoa! There is no tired like first week of school teacher tired! I’m looking forward to some quiet moments to catch up with the coven this weekend!! I’ve missed you all!


Glad you made it! Sounds like you’re going to have a busy year!


It will settle, just gotta get ‘em trained up! They are the cutest!


It sounds like a very hectic but fun first week- congrats on the grand opening of the school year, @AileyGrey! :tada::blush:

I’m hope you’re able to catch your breath and get some good rest after all the excitement! Wishing you all a very happy and blessed back-to-school! :confetti_ball: :heart:


Ahh, the start of the school year. I am seeing posts like this all over my socials from all my teacher friends, lol. I have teachers from elementary up to high school. I thought about it at one point but decided I didn’t want to end up in jail, lol.


Hi @AileyGrey I recently became part of the coven and am happy to meet you. I have a lot of friends in Arizona who have already started their children back to school. Here in CT we don’t start school until the end of August! I’m happy you made it through the first week and hopefully you are getting your much deserved rest this weekend. Looking forward to getting to know you! :green_heart:


Hi Aliey,
That’s awesome :star2: you get to work with children :baby_symbol: they are our future!
Glad you made some me time!


Hi Jan,
It’s so exciting to meet you too! We’re just trying to get our new school year schedules here at home straight so that I actually have a minute to peruse everything in the evenings. I miss all my coven friends. Hopefully week 2 will flow better than week one! Teaching is definitely my calling, I love almost everything about it, but man it still wears you out!


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