I’m new here

I’m Lillian from California and I would enjoy friendship with like minded people :relaxed:


@lillian3 welcome. Im in NC. U will love it here


Hi @lillian3! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

You’ll definitely make new friends here! What kind of magic do you like? I’m an Eclectic Wiccan who likes candle magic and chants.


Hello and welcome home :infinite_roots: @lillian3

I’m Marsha an eclectic solitary witch from Colorado and I’m so glad you have joined us. You are in the right place to make new friends because there are so many friendly and helpful people here. You are very welcome here Lillian, so if you have any questions, just reach out, we are here for you!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Hi @lillian3! I am so glad you decided to join us! You are in the best place to make friends! If you have any questions, feel free to ask any one of us. Everyone is very friendly! Blessed be! :slight_smile:


Hello!! and welcome!

I hope you can find here all that you’re looking for, from amazing information about the craft to new friends!!

Blessed be!


Merry meet @lillian3!

Don’t mind me jumping on the welcome wagon too- it is a pleasure to meet you! Please make yourself at home here in the forum, I hope you will find that it is just the place you are looking for :heart: Your coven is a very friendly one, so please don’t be shy! :sparkles:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be!


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