I’m so happy to be here

Hello! Finding this website was exactly what I needed. I’m excited to learn more about this beautiful Wicca religion.


@Sha hello and welcome. I’m crystal from Ohio. Everyone has been wonderful and I hope you love it here.


Welcome! Everyone here is super nice and helpful. You’re gonna love it!


Welcome @Sha I felt just like that when I found this place too. It was just like coming home for me. Blessed Be!!!


¡Bienvenida, Sha!

I’m so happy that you found us. Please, make yourself comfortable, participate in the weekly group challenges if you like, that makes you work on what you learn (I’m loving it so far), and share your wisdom as well. We’re all learning from each other.

Once more, welcome to our coven, and blessed be! :heart:


Hi @Sha! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots: I’m glad you’re here!

Have you found the Wicca Self-Initiation Course yet? It’s a great place to start to learn and will help you along your way.

If you have any questions, just ask and someone will pop up and help you out. We’re good like that here! I look forward to chatting with you soon!


I did! Got through the whole thing in one day, passed all my tests. I’m all in!


That great. Congrats


Merry meet @Sha and welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven! :infinite_roots:

Congrats on completing the courses and passing the tests- that’s a big accomplishment! :partying_face: Did you have a favorite subject/area of magick that you’d like to continue studying? I wish you all the best as you continue to learn and grow on your magickal path! :open_book: :sparkles:

While a lot of the content on Spells8 explores Wicca, here in the forum there are witches and practitioners from many different traditions- so feel free to ask questions about any type of magick or spellwork you come across! :blush:

Know that you are warmly invited to join forum activities as well- there’s a group ritual today that you are welcome to join in if you’d like!

Looking forward to talking with you more soon. Blessed be! :sparkles:


Coolness! Congratulations!


I am enjoying learning the blessings and meditation at the moment. I’ve never experienced anything like it, I’m truly amazing at how different I feel. And honestly, I caught a glimpse of myself yesterday, and I looked different, more alive. I do have a question on meditation/blessings. Do I need to say blessings out loud? Do I need to do the blessings word for word or can I make up my own? When I meditate, so many wonderful things to say come to mind. Also, do I need to have candles/crystals and out when doing these rituals? I’m a baby witch and don’t have any items yet, I want to learn all about them first so I don’t regret a purchase later.


Yes, I’m home. So nice to meet you.


@Sha hi in case you didn’t see the post I am offering some items to anyone who wants them. It’s hard starting out so if I have anything you need let me know.


Yes you can make your own. Say whatever you feel moved to say. When it comes from your heart it is more powerful. It sounds like you are off to a great start.


@Sha merry meet! I’m Phoenix from north Alabama. I’m an eclectic but I specialize in divination and kitchen witchery.

@SharonD I feel exactly the same way. Finally I feel like I have a place I belong and a family.


I’m so glad you are finding yourself and discovering your inner happiness, @Sha! Congrats to you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I agree with what @Crystal24 said- the spells, meditations, and guides out there are wonderful, but I truly believe the most powerful magick you can do comes from within yourself. if you feel words rising up within you, by all means- let them out! :dove: :heart:

While candles, crystals, and other witchy tools can enhance a witch’s magick, they are by no means necessary. Magick is manifestation of will- and there are so many ways to channel that power, even without tools! :blush: I’d recommend continuing with your meditations since they seem to be working very well for you, and I highly recommend the Inner Temple Meditation.

It is so empowering to realize that you already have everything you need to work magick :sparkles: If you choose to bring in tools like candles and crystals later, you absolutely can- just remember that magick comes from you, not the tools :heart:

Wishing you all the best of luck- blessed be!


Well, welcome Beautiful Sha. You are so kind to bless us with you.
After a time you do become more energized, feel more alive. That’s when the stress of life lifts from your shoulders enough so you can breath again.
Slow down a little my delightful girl.
#1 The power is within you.
I do have a question on meditation/blessings. Do I need to say blessings out loud? Meditation is essentially personal exercise in control and concentration, there are no hard or fast rules. You want to speak out loud? Try it, see how it feels.
Do I need to do the blessings word for word or can I make up my own?
A blessing is between you and what/whom you believe in. By all means make up your own if you want. They often ask us, as an exercise to create a spell (blessing). Again, it’s your practice.
When I meditate, so many wonderful things to say come to mind.
Ah, already you’re asking wonderful questions. Keep a journal and write down your ideas, words that seemed of importance.
Also, do I need to have candles/crystals and out when doing these rituals?
Again, it’s your choice, it is initially recommended to use candles, I use birthday candles because my house is so small and incense matches.
Crystals can be expensive, don’t beggar yourself trying to do everything at once.
I’m a baby witch and don’t have any items
You’re such a joy. Don’t you know you have everything you need inside you? The rest is all trappings. We are a people who have been indoctrinated to ceremony and ritual. Many feel the need for all the tools, Altar, candles, etc. And that’s their practice. Start slow, as with anything you start, it’s time consuming and can be expensive.
I’d suggest, when you get a few $ ahead go to the dollar store, flea markets, lawn sales. You’ll be amazed at the treasures you will find.
I personally have a travel altar made from an Altoid tin, if I was able to find charm for a cauldron, besom, etc. it will serve you as an acceptable altar. Cut out pictures, make clay figures. There are so many ways to adapt this simple box to your needs.
You’ve made a wonderful start, Miss Baby Witch on your journey.
With my best wishes and all my love.
Blessed be.