I need a teacher

A good place to start is the Wicca Self-Initiation Course. There are videos you can listen to that might help your English. Good luck.


I linked her to the Self-Initiation Course. Hopefully that will help.


Hello Bei Bei,

I’m a Filipino that’s studying the Filipino Paganism from ancient times and Norse Paganism too, I’m a Shogi (newbie) and western chess player (intermediate, local campus level), I intend too try Go later on, if I’m not found there I’m busy elsewhere either as caretaker or as a cook and sometimes baker. As for your English, a lot of other Filipinos like me from the Philippines are able to teach it to those of other nationalities out of exposure of television series soap opera and school where it’s taught from preparatory school age, just search it up in the internet. Otherwise you’ll learn the language by experience which is also a fun journey, in itself. I have no experience in micro-cards so I won’t be able to help you there, the field of expertise I chose is different from yours but I can always help in research too by others. Blessed Be, Martinez, Margaret


That is good. The most important in almost all of witchcraft is focus, intent, and concentration.
Read: How To Cast Spells The Real Way, on this site. Very informative.


A very warm welcome to you, Bei Bei @1112! :heart:

I’m glad you have been enjoying learning- I love your enthusiasm! The Spells8 Courses are a great place to learn, and since you mentioned that you are still learning English I recommend the Spells8 YouTube Channel as a way to explore the content further. It helps to have the visual learning too! :blush:

As others have mentioned, feel free to reach out here in the forums if you have any questions.

Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


Your English is very good. Together we will have you feeling more confident in speaking and writing in English.
What are some topics you feel drawn towards? I really like making magickal oils and dusts and love working with candle magic. From there I have bought books that have recipes for the spell ingredients. I am also in some witch Facebook groups as well as I find Pinterest often has a lot of information. Of course our coven site here has information on every topic!
Once you know what you’re interested in or what sort of path you’d like to set out on it’s really a matter of practicing.
China has a rich history in witchcraft I do believe (I found this article) https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/22797254.2020.1715266
There are even some who report Mulan to have been a witch.
I hope this has been helpful and not to difficult to understand.
I do not speak any other language besides French but I do love your culture and would love to try and learn as much as possible from you!


Chinese culture has a history of five thousand years, so far there should be no one that can surpass this time. Chinese culture contains a lot, and it also exists in places where Western cultures are combined. We started learning when we were reading, but we couldn’t fully understand it. Thank you for loving Chinese culture


Hua Mulan is not a witch. She pretends to be a male and participates in the war on behalf of her father.


Oh I don’t think she’s a witch that’s just some lore I’ve heard


Of course not! Hua Mulan was caught in the snare that male dominated societies used to sublimate and control women. This was the way of the world for millennia after millennia, until a few brave women challenged the ‘way’ by becoming extraordinary women.

Joan of Arc? A national heroine of [France], a peasant girl who, believing that she was acting under divine guidance, led the French army in a momentous victory at [Orléans] that repulsed an English attempt to conquer France during the [Hundred Years’ War]. She was captured a year afterward, Joan and was burned to death by the English and their French collaborators as a [heretic]
(How’s that for gratitude?).

Catherine the Great from Prussia, married the Czar and eventually became the regent/ruler of all Russia by deposing him. The Upper class tried by viscous rumors to topple her reign but she held fast and ruled the largest country in the world [at the time]for 34 years.
An amazing accomplishment especially a woman.

Elizabeth I of England went from Princess to bastard to Princess and in time, Queen. Her only brother attempted to disinherit both his sisters, but failed. After his death, Elizabeth’s sister Mary took the throne but died without issue. Therefore Elizabeth became Queen of all England and Ireland. Refusing to marry, she stated that England was her husband.
What a Rock firecracker she must have been.

Hua Mulan is legend, folklore, poetry and a hero. The ancient ballads tells Mulan’s original story of disguising herself as a man to protect her father from being drafted into the war. As a soldier, Hua Mulan goes into battle for 12 years, becoming a skilled and esteemed warrior of the Chinese army. But when the emperor tries to bestow honors upon her for her service, the dutiful daughter retires and returns home to her family. But as all legend/folklore, it is subject to interpretation.
Still, what a role model.

None of these amazing women were witch’s but they were called so more than once. Instead of maligning these women, we should celebrate them. If it weren’t for these women and others like them, we’d still be barefoot & pregnant.