I need help with material prosperity

I recently left my home behind due to an abusive man. He is keeping my 2 youngest babies from me and we have a court date set for custody. I need to win. I need to manifest some things of great energy and I need all the help I can get.
I need a house, furniture, win court and make myself favored above all else in this world.
Anyone have anything available I can use?


Hi Elizabeth, Merry Meet! :sparkles: :pray:

First of all I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Custody battles aren’t fun. My parents are divorced and so were my grandparents…

Check out this spell: Spell to Win a Court Case :balance_scale:. Also take care of the legal aspect as best as you can. Get a lawyer if needed be.

Before going to bed, light an orange or yellow candle for strength and meditate. Use prayers for strength, you can find them online or click here to see pagan prayers.

Also visualize your kids, concentrate and cast bright silver spheres over them, adding a layer of protection. :raised_hands:


Good luck and Many Blessings!! :pray:


@elizabeth2 Merry meet! Im sorry to hear you are going through some tough times right now. And I hope things start to turn around for you.

I found a few articles about some healing crystals to work with in wanting a positive court case as well as positive and uplifting energy . Don’t forget to take care of yourself too! Healing and strength is very important .

Take care :sparkling_heart:


Blessed Be…sending you strength and wellbeing. Follow the advice of @Francisco and @marissa keep your mind and heart pure while doing ritual, do not allow bad thoughts or revenge in. I know that is hard when you are in the situation you are in. Focus only on your children and see them playing in your new home…