I need your positive thoughts

Thank you, Megan, for adding her to the energy exchange.

Christina, I saw this request yesterday and my heart broke for you. Candles are lit constantly for you and if you need someone to yell at, vent to, cry with, whatever… I’m here (or on social) for you.


My dearest Baby Girl. My heart aches for you. Sending energy for strength, endurance and tolerance. How the Gods test us? And we think, well maybe I’m not as strong as they think. You are, and will be as mighty as the mountains and your heart as big as the sea. We are as always your Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters in life and in love.
The pain never goes away, Honey, but it will fade.
Email me if you need to talk. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: XOXOXOXO (Hugs and kisses…a lot!)


I am trying to find the words and I am hopeful that you will rise!
When you thirst for the well I pray your spirit will be watered with the nutrients to keep you strong!

When you are feeling down just remember us that we have your back!

I am your friend and will be her to help shine :sparkles: that forever lite on you!

May you rise up in the morning with hope and determination!

Forever Family!


Blessed be!


I sent a strong spell last night.
“Plead for strength and wellness from Deities”
May She hear your plight and my pleas.
Much love my sweet girl.


Can I copy your reply, it made me cry!


Thank you everyone for all your love, prayers, comfort and being here for me in a rough time.


Sweet girl, get some chamomile tea(Roman) it will help sooth you. Watch the sunrise or sunset . How beautiful the portrait Goddess will paint for you.
I have burned a white candles for 3 days and burned Frankincense tonight. Our love is yours. I send you strength to endure the unendurable and energy to lessen your depression.