I Release You&Cord Cutting

Tonight I will be saying goodbye to my ex who I know from high school.

It was one of those crush things that never happened until later in life. The time has long come and gone but I can still feel him even after all this time. I think it’s something I never wanted to admit to myself as possible but since choosing to practice the craft, so much has changed for me and how my eyes view life’s events.

I plan on combining these two spells and throwing my own flare into it.

I’m nervous and I don’t exactly know why. I know this is what should and needs to happen. It physically pains my gut thinking about doing this ritual, to the point I’m keeling over if I stand. Part of me thinks I’m feeling this way because I know the strength of this spell. I have no doubt whatsoever that once cast, it will do it’s work efficiently and effectively.

He was a significant part of my life for 5 years. We shared the trauma of having to put my cat Kronik down.
may he rest & play in the awesomest of kitty cat land’s
We have some good memories that weren’t anything specific, just routines and things we did together that I think of from time to time and miss them.

Keeton knows of all of this, I told him of my spell work I’ll be doing tonight and why. I am thankful so much for the support he gives me in all subjects, activities and such that I do.

I guess I’m just rambling now :upside_down_face: :smirk:


Sometimes the most important things to do in life are the hardest- it is clear you still have a lot of attachment, and it sounds like you know it is time to let this go.

I wish you the best of luck with this spell- I hope it brings you peace, clarity, and finally- the freedom that you seek :dove:. You will feel better having let this weight go. It will no longer hold you down.

Sending good thoughts and blessing your way- best of luck to you! :heart:

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Thank you for your support @TheTravelWitch, it means more than I could express right now.

That’s exactly what it is, a weight, and I’m ready to drop it. It was a hard relationship in which I lost a lot of who I thought I was. In hindsight, it helped me walk this path and become a whole new person for the better. In the end I am thankful and even though he may never understand, my hopes is that one day he will. I hope he finds that our breakup was the best thing to happen for him and I to grow as individuals.

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As I read your latest post, I sense your strength emanate with your every word. Sending you a huge hug :slight_smile:


This is a very powerful statement! I feel that you’re already doing the work on your own. The spell is just going to be the embodiment of that inner work, all materialized and coming to fruition at once.

Cats are just the best :cat2: I hope your kitty is resting safe in Bast’s paws!


@ana6 @TheTravelWitch @Francisco I am truly blessed with all of your support and encouraging words! Thank you all so much.

I’ve felt more support from this community compared to family and friends. Again, thank you all <3


You are very welcome, @janelle! :blush::two_hearts: It is always a pleasure to help support a fellow witch! :heart:

I echo @TheTravelWitch’s comment. The members in this forum are just amazing. I might not post much but I do enjoy reading the comments and may chime-in when I feel it’s appropriate :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs: