I speak to Water and Mother goddess

For this spell you’ll need a candle of blue

A wand can be used, both dressed and prepared.

An Incense for divination or to visualize.

I speak to the Water and Mother Goddess,

Our animals die for our waters have fouled

From careless neglect and horrid pollution.

Our babes are born wrong and mothers weep.

The fish and herds decline every week.

The crops are failing and people starve.

Renew the water, I know it will be hard.,

Filter your precious fluid and make a stand

Calm your rage and give man a chance.

I can’t promise perfection, but the will to try.

Because if we do nothing, everything will die.

If it harms no one, let this be so

As I have asked, please don’t say no

As above, so below


Thanks for sharing, @Garnet I really needed this :pray:

Today I saw this TikTok (trigger warning: depressing AF): That Funny Feeling :musical_note: and made me so sad about how fast things are changing


Honey Boy, the only thing constant about life is change.
Be safe, Be kind, and know you be loved.


That was sad! :cry: @Garnet you’re absolutely right, the only thing constant is change. Just like energy. I’m researching a lot more about how to work with certain energies to better the environment around me.


Beautifully and heartfully written, @Garnet. It’s sombering and scary to stop and think about how much has changed- and so much of it for the worst.

You’re right that change is the only constant- so let’s pray and try our best that, from here, things continue to change but this time in a much better direction :dove::pray: