I think I have new friends lol

Ok, so yes I believe strongly in spirits and the such. I know my house and the building are haunted to a degree, even my neighbors have seen things that are hard to explain.

This story is interesting. So the necklace that I bought from the Ren faire fell of the one day. I took a quick nap and woke up to find it was gone. Now this wouldn’t have been weird-- it happens.

I looked in the places I know I had been and then left it. Figured I would find it eventually.

Now my house is not prestine by any means. It looks lived in but I should have found it at some point. I took the dog outside and came in and the dang necklace was on top of the cat carrier (which is dark brown) in the living room. I should have seen it earlier, it was not in a corner or what not. I remember looking at the cat carrier and it was not there.

So yeah, I thought it was weird. I had to tell my good friend as she is very much of the spirit belief. Told me it was brownies, a type of Fae. Asked her if they are Celtic-- they are. My necklace was moon with Celtic weave on it.

Maybe I’m looking into this too much but I found it…well interesting. I don’t know, lol. Thought I would post here and see what opinions I get.


Its an interesting experience, maybe spirits? My aunty in Australia is a psychic. Shes had “friends” in every place shes lived since she was a child. Its never bothered her. So I guess if youre ok with them and they with you, you got lodgers :joy:. If its not a friendly though, my aunty had a non friendly once, she had a friend get rid of it.
Or it could just be a lost item. Pendulums are good for finding lost things. Sending happy vibes across to you. :heart:


Maybe put out milk and honey for them? See what happens. Just don’t ever thank them, it’s either an insult or you’re indebted to them, I can’t remember which it is with the Fae.


From what Amethyst said on the Fae, I just recently read about this and here is the link about them.

4. Never Say Thank You

Some fairies in different cultures do not like being thanked. It may show them that they are now indebted to you. Rather than saying “Thank you,” try saying “I am grateful,” or something along those lines. Even if the fairies you are interacting with don’t mind being thanked, it never hurts to show gratitude in another way.

Types of Fairies & Fae


Interesting information, thank you. I wlll make sure not to thank them, as I would be the kind of person to make that mistake, lol.

Last night, I think they were active. I was in bed, dog was out (I could feel her next to me). My other dog is at my parents now (long story), so she wasn’t the reason. And the cat NEVER comes in my room. I heard something get thrown, or fall, not sure what it was but it was next to my bed. I kinda lay there, tried to figure out what it was and then fell asleep.

Gotta love this stuff, lol


Interesting! I love spirit stories like this. There are a lot of different things it could be.

If you don’t feel like it’s malicious, it could be a house spirit. I know you said your house isn’t “clean” but it’s lived in (totally fine - no judgment lol) but sometimes a house spirit can get upset if the home isn’t clean to their liking. So if you’ve been slacking on some stuff, maybe try picking up or cleaning a few things and see if it stops.

If it’s a Brownie, you may be in luck! I grabbed Fairies: A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk by Morgan Daimler and had a peak. Here is some information Morgan has written about Brownies.

Brownies can be found in several various forms under different names including Bwcas, Bodachs, or Fendorees, and, in specific cases malicious Boggarts. … They are one of the few faeries who are specific to human habitations, preferring to live in human homes or sometimes in mills or farms, although they are also often associated with bodies of water, especially ponds. The Brownie will adopt a specific home, coming out unseen in the quiet night hours to clean and organize the home for its human owners.

Most tales about Brownies revolve around their place in the human home and what needs to be done to keep them happy, as well as what should be avoided. An industrious Brownie expects a bowl of cream and a good cake or loaf of bread to be left out once a week, in appreciation for his hard work. It is important never to thank him aloud or to leave the milk or food out for him as a gift. Rather it must be left out, as Henderson in Folklore of the Northern Counties says: ‘The housewife will prepare these and lay them out carefully where he may find them by chance.’ A variety of reasons are offered for this, from the Brownie being bound to serve until he is rewarded with intentional payment to the belief that a Brownie is offended by any implication that he is serving humankind. So should one find a Brownie in one’s household it is important to keep it happy by giving it milk and cakes, but be careful not to make an actual offering of them.

Fairies: A Guide to the Celtic Fair Folk by Morgan Daimler; Chapter 5

Morgan also writes about how to tell if what you’re encountering are fairies or something else. I’ll summarize here real quick instead of writing everything out word for word, but this comes from the same book as above.

  • unexplained laughter, voices, or music
  • objects disappearing
    – “Car keys are the most common item taken, but jewelry is close second. The object will usually disappear from plain view then reappear at some point in a different place.”
  • movement in your peripheral vision
  • elf-locks
  • the presence of a ‘fairy ring’
  • chores being done or things being put away
  • your cat acting oddly

Hopefully that helps! I don’t think what you’re facing is malicious, but maybe they just like taking your things :joy:


Cat doesn’t care (lol she doesn’t care for much other than food) but Harper has been acting strange at night. She barks at my bedroom door all the time at night, when the lights are out. Mind you, sometimes it legit is the cat but there are times it’s not. Nothing is out there-- everyone is in bed and she does these guard ‘woofs’ (not loud but still).

I will def be keeping all this in mind, thanks for the info


I’m of the opinion that if the animals are acting strange for seemingly no reason, then there’s probably something there that you can’t see. I hope you can figure it out! :revolving_hearts:


They love playing games. I wanted to add yesterday but did not have the time. I was wanting to get something one day but every time I got up I did not grab it, I finally thought about it and when I got up it fell close to me on the floor. I do not even remember grabbing it and I was on the phone with a friend and told her about it. I told her something is here playing games with me. Not sure what it was and did not question it either, LOL.


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