I think my twin flame seperation is almost over

It’s been a while since I talked to my deity, but I did just now.
After a while of conversing with her.
I tried to blow out her candle. It didn’t blow out.
I asked her why (through my cards)
and she said she had a message for me.
My twin flame separation was almost over.
It only started a few days ago after he said he was going to stay away from me for a while to get me out of his mind or whatever.
he and I have been doing self-reflection and now know that we can and have to express ourselves to each other. Because even though we both hate to admit it. We know we have a connection…

Is it weird or uncommon to meet your twin flame in your teen years? We met 3 years ago when we were both depressed, hopeless, near the end of giving up. And when we hung out it was odd…like in a good way.

I also believed for a few months that I was always the chaser, but now I think about it. I think a year ago I was the runner and now he is running and I’m chasing…


You’re so Young, don’t be in such a hurry. You have a long life ahead of you Jada. Be patient, enjoy your youth. Be cautious, Don’t look for problems, they will find us all soon enough, be smart, Pay attention to your surrounds and the vibes that people send out. Some people just radiate goodness, but there are others that resonate dark and/or negative vibrations.
You are the master of your fate, so make wise decisions & sail on little Captain, sail on.

Live long & prosper.


Thx. But I plan to enjoy my youth when I’m 18 and able to move out. I had a rough childhood, and teen years. He made it better. But all I’m surrounded with rn IS darkness. I know people think I live a normal teenage life with a normal childhood. But I never got the chance. I was abused for so long and still have the scars. I thank you though, just thought I’d give some background information about my situation.

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