I was raised wicca and didn't know it

Hello everyone.
I live in the Cold area known as Chicagoland.
After doing some research I found out reasons things were always different in my family.
My Grandmother was a Midwife, grew herbs, and had crystals all over the house. I thought this was “normal”. As I started talking to family members I learned more about my family. I am #12 of 13 children. My mother was not big on details.
My Mother & Grandmother would say things like “Your words have power, use them wisely”. I thought every mother talked that way.
I have 6 sisters, but I am not like any of them. My mother told me when I was 16, that they are as caring as I am… I am an EMPATH.
Does anyone have Wicca in their family?


Absolutely, I can relate to your story as in, my mother never called herself by any labels, but she instinctively shared with me a lot of things that she either learned from her grandmother or picked up along the way.

I only discovered that this is called “Fam-Trads” (family traditions) in Wicca when I read Drawing Down the Moon.

Here’s a similar story that was documented in the book:

If you haven’t read it, I absolutely recommend that book to put things into perspective. I think we all share an energetic sensitivity and, to me, Witchcraft is a way to make the most out of it! :crystal_ball:


Hello @iva! Hope you’re staying warm this cold evening. It sounds like you have a rich personal history, that’s so great! I envy you that. No, I didn’t grow up with a family tradition, but I was lucky enough that my Mom thought I’d find comfort in the Craft and bought me my first book.


Welcome @iva glad you’re here! I was adopted at a young age but what I remember of my mother is her having herbs all over the house, alot of books and alot of love everywhere. Im not sure if she was Wiccan but I will carry her love on.i found out about Wicca at a young age but didn’t really get intonit until my late teens. Dang I feel old lol all that matters is that you honor who you are! I’m happy you’ve found your way to this lovely place :hugs:
Blessed be


Where can I find that book ?


Same here my mom has her own religion and when I told her what I was into she supported me even my ideas she had been wanting me to get cleansed but never knew I actually liked the craft and now I help her cleanse her room and give her protection rocks and explain the things I learn she is proud tht I am tryin to better my self also my whole family has been super sweet supporting I didn’t expect that. Turns out my mom knew already a lot of ways to use herbs as medicine since we are from Mexico and they do that a lot. My cousins also told me they wanted to learn witchcraft as well but didn’t start yet.


A very merry meet to you, @iva! :heart:

Thank you for the lovely introduction- it sounds like you had a very magickal childhood, even if the word itself was never mentioned! :blush:

My mother is a gardener who grows medicinal herbs and uses them in cooking. In a similar fashion, her wisdom and connect with the earth helped me to find my own way. I believe now that magic can be found just about everywhere- it is an important part of life, waiting to be embraced! :sparkles:

It is a pleasure to meet you- I’m looking forward to talking with more and hearing more about your fascinating journey through magick! Blessed be :heart_decoration:


I’m glad you have a supportive family @vanessa13! Sometimes that’s makes such a big difference in how you feel about yourself.


Welcome to Spells8! I think you have found the right place! Everyone here is very helpful & supportive here & any questions you may have, feel free to ask.

I didn’t have Wicca in my family that I know of, but my step mother is actually the one who introduced me to it. I practiced when I was younger and then life happened and I just came back to it this past year.

I’m Krissie from Cape Cod, MA and today we are having some bitter cold also. It’s feels like temperature is -4 today. I have my fireplace on right now because by the front door is still cold. The wind had taken my screen door from me and popped one of the hinges. I needed to get a butter knife to pop it back into place.

I hope to speak to you soon in the forums & I hope you enjoy the classes!


Here’s the link to get the book on Amazon: click here. You can also see a preview on Google Books here