I wish I knew that... || New Video

I was inspired by a few other videos I’ve seen on YouTube. Other witches were talking about things they wish they knew before practicing witchcraft and I wanted to do it, too!

So, what are some things you wish you knew before practicing witchcraft?


I can’t stress a daily practice enough!!

But things I wish I knew was having a morning ritual. Learning moon phases …to correspond with the right rituals I did. I know it ultimately doesn’t matter but it helps! And the third thing…like you said, you don’t need everything else you see. You just need your intention!

Thank you for this video/post!! Fyi, we have the same choker!!! The black one. I’ve had mine forever! :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked it. You actually bring up a point that I plan on talking about soon(ish) about intention :heart: But yes, daily practice is important for me. I don’t usually have any specific ritual or practice I do. As long as I do something every day, then I’m good!


That’s good. As long as you’re doing something.
I wake up and meditate. Then I pray. I light my diffuser with whatever scent I feel for the day. I light a candle, and pull some cards.
Oh, as well as drinking coffee and or tea!!!


Great video! I really like the idea of focusing on daily practice. That always got me curious before I came here.

What I wish I knew? That at some point you just have to do it. You’re never going to feel ready to cast that first spell and might keep putting it off for some reason. I did that. Just do it works for magic as well at sneakers.

And on another note, you don’t look a day over twenty my dear! You said you were almost thirty and I about choked.


You don’t have to do everything or have everything. Some things will resonate with you & others just will not.

I try to do something every day but it’s not always the same thing. Except coffee, I have coffee every day. & I check in the forum then it’s whatever feels like I should do it. I am working on being better at meditating. I had gone away from it for a while so it’s kind of like starting over, but easier this time around. I usually do one from Silver Bear, Spells8, or Headspace. As long as I do something I’m happy.


Along with my regular prayers and conversations with Goddess, I light at least 1 white candle daily to ask for energy and strength to everyone in need.
If I feel anxious or over concerned about the world in general, I will light incense.


What a great topic to cover! :heart_eyes: You make the practice so welcoming with how encouraging you are :heart:

I had already been doing crafty things for a long time when I first began to consider myself as a ‘witch’- but I remember making the leap from a kind of nameless practice into the much wider world of witchcraft at large was really overwhelming at first :sweat_smile: I wish I could have seen this video when I was first finding my identity in witchcraft- it’s really helpful! :blush::heart:

Thanks so much for your wisdom and guidance, Megan!


I wish I would have known that telling people that you practice witchcraft in my experience it has backfired on me. Sometimes it’s better to not tell anyone because they won’t understand. My friend said I don’t want to mess with Jeannie cause she could put a spell on me. He is a vet and I completely understand he doesn’t get it. I wish I would have just kept it quiet because it can really backfire on me! It’s my job and I have learned that it’s safer cause people think really dark!
No I don’t need all these books either! I wish I could just stop spending my hard earned money and start saving for a house or something that is necessary.
I wish I knew less was more, I spend a lot of unnecessary money On a lot of witchy things and know I do have to much. And it can be overwhelming! I just want to get through one book but I have so many it’s hard to focus.


Right!!! She does not look her age!!!
Would you guess I’m 36??? People tell me I look every age younger than I actually am!! :joy:


Me too gurrrrrl!!! Me too!!


@christina4 Coffee is a must-have for me every single day :laughing:

@Amethyst That’s a very high compliment, thank you! I’ll be 30 in November :sweat_smile: but you’re right, too. At some point, you just have to do it.

That sounds like a good daily practice @Siofra :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Meditation is one that I still struggle with all the time, so you’re not alone!

That’s such a sweet and thoughtful practice, @Garnet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Aww @TheTravelWitch you’re so kind! Witchcraft is definitely for everyone and banishing misconceptions is important to me :hugs:

That can definitely be a struggle @Jeannie1 :hugs: I understand the desire to scream from the rooftops once you’ve found yourself but it can be disheartening when others don’t quite understand. That’s why I’m glad we have places like Spells8 to be ourselves!

:blush: Thanks!


I couldn’t agree more :joy::laughing::two_hearts:


I’m not about to divulge my age to anyone although I’m sure you can guess! @MeganB does look great for her age though! & so does @christina4! Lovely ladies!

I’m in the middle of my first coffee because that’s a must each day regardless of what is going on here. I’m not sure what I am going to do next. I wish that I knew that there is no right or wrong way to practice. That your practice is your own & it’s what resonates with you.


Actually, I don’t regret anything
If I hadn’t had to deal with everything I have?
I wouldn’t be the person I am now.
I like me right now, a lot.
But you’ve given me lots of food for thought.
Warmest thoughts and Brightest Blessings Megan


I would have to agree about the books, lots of books, and looking back I have read about half of them, then put them down because another book had already gone over the same things. So if you are starting out now, do some research, you’ll find that even the smallest book can provide you the information you need to start you on your path. Blessed be.


You look all of twenty! I feel like an old fart compared to you young’uns! LOL.


Jeannie, sometimes being a witch falls in the ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.’ category. Be proud of who and what you are, but we aren’t that far removed from “BURN THE WITCH!!!”
Yes, We’re in America, yes we have religious freedom but sometimes the less you say the less the ignorant and superstitious can use to stone us. It, again goes back to harm none do as you will. Silence can sometimes be the better part of valor. Besides, it’s nobody’s business but you and Goddess.
Blessed be. Treat my Jeannie kindly!
Love and a hug.
th-002 Garnet in protective mode.


I am working on being silenced and yes you nailed it so you know exactly what I mean! I am just being more cautious about who I tell for my protection! Good point Garnet!


Blessed be!

Hugs right back at you! High five :wave:

I’m such a nerd I love high fives!:laughing:



I’ve been meaning to respond to your post for a bit. I saw the video on YouTube the night before this thread, I believe. Thank you for creating content like this.

I’ve been giving away and packing up things I no longer use in my practices. While I love learning about everything witchy (For that matter, I love learning about all faiths.) I now know I don’t need to own it all. :sweat_smile: