I would like to know about the water chant?

I understand there’s something called a water chant? I would like to find out what that is. There are so many fires here in California right now. Especially in the northern area and now our beautiful Lake Tahoe region is starting to burn. This is a place I’ve been blessed to have visited for over 40 years. I’m so sad for the people being displaced and all the poor animals!
Thank you :disappointed_relieved:


Greetings, @marcie!

Perhaps it was this Water Chant Prayer shared in the Healing for the Fires discussion? There is the words of the chant as well as some suggestions for magickal tools you might use :+1:

In terms of water magick in general, the Water Element Invocation may be along the lines of what you are looking for. You can click the link to visit the page on Spells8, or follow along with the chant through the video invocation here:

May heart aches whenever I see the fires on the news or hear people sharing their stories about them :cry:. Please stay safe- many of us are chanting the first water chant I shared here and praying for an end to the destruction.

Blessings coming your way- be well! :pray::blue_heart: