I wrote my first spell!

I have been looking forward to spring since Fall!! I was so excited that the new moon was falling around the spring equinox, and it felt very auspicious and I had to do something. I have been feeling off lately and was hoping the nice weather would get me out of the funk, well I got impatient and did it myself! lol I looked up some spells for spring and renewal, and also for renewing and rekindling love, and I wanted to use the power of the new moon as well. That’s a lot of energy to put together! I used my eclectic witchy-ness and wrote my own spell, with intentional crystals and candles… and OMG it felt GREAT! I took a record of what I used and how the candles melted and how the flames flickered. It was so beautiful!! I feel freakin stoked right now and just had to share with my awesome online coven!!!


Wooohooo @GemRobin76- those good feelings are usually what I take to show that the spell was a success. Congrats to you on both writing your first spell and for the successful cast! :clap::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for sharing your positive spell experience- may all your intentions manifest positivity, and I wish you continued success with your future spellwork. Lots of love and blessed be! :bouquet: :blush::two_hearts:


Yay for doing your own spell! That’s great! I believe the ones you write are worth more than the ones you look up because you really put your heart into them. Way to go!


UPDATE! so… the spell is starting to work!! Love growing again, positive self- love growing again, all around good vibes blooming!! BLESSED BE!


How exciting! It’s always a great feeling when a spell goes well, and an even better feeling when that first spell is cast! :tada:

Thank you for choosing to share your excitement with us so we can be excited with you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This is just the first spell in your journey, and many more will come after this, I’m sure!


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