If you could go back 10years, what would you tell yourself? 🤔

If I could go back 10 years, I’d tell myself that I deserve better than what I allow myself to go through. Learn from others mistakes and not my own. Life doesn’t revolve around my then fiance. He’s a piece of poo :poop:! Get help! You’re bright and beautiful! There’s so much more than this! There’s bigger and better out there!! Go to Spells8 and find my family sooner!!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Life isn’t all roses and cupcakes but it’s not all trauma and nightmares either! I love you! -love, me


I’d tell myself that I’d be able to take care of myself without my Mom. It was around this time a decade ago that Mom started to really decline. Not that I don’t miss her and Dad, but I’m doing okay and I’m happy. I think it would be reassuring to myself to know that.


Nice Topic @christina4 !

If I could go back 10 years I’d tell myself a few things…Every situation doesn’t need solving, some just need to happen. Listen more to your intuition, don’t pick the house with red walls, Manifestation is real, Relax more allow yourself to be you not the roles life has put you in 24/7, it’s okay to let your guard down with those you love. And lastly, walk your path with courage and pride.


I’m glad that you’re happy.

@Rowan I would love to learn from you on how to put my guard down with my loved ones!!!


@christina4 It’s a process I’m still learning, but I know I’ve improved.
@Amethyst I’m glad you’re happy and I’m sure your parents would be proud of the strength and confidence you have. :heart:


You’re too young to get married. Go traveling and set your business up before you move out and have a ton of bills. Trust your instincts, they’re never wrong.


Stay positive, constant negative thoughts will cloud your judgement. Also you have a voice for a reason… use it and you will see your confidence you never knew was there


Study what you want to study in college, not what others think you should be studying. They may get mad at you or tell you that you’re making a mistake, but they have to understand that this is your life, not theirs. Have faith in yourself and trust that you know how to make good decisions.


Thank you, my dear.

Aww, thank you, dear heart. That’s sweet of you to say!


I would tell myself to stop rushing through life like a maniac and slow down to enjoy it and appreciate it.


Goodness what wouldn’t I tell myself. Hindsight truly is a wonderful thing.

I think that I would start with:

Dear self,

Now considering all that we have learnt… RUN don’t ever look back. Get as far away as possible.

Mitch is a horrible person. Yes, you love him more than anything. But you cannot save him. You need to love yourself more. He has never loved you. It was all lies darling. How he treats you is how he feels about you.

He is not the centre of your universe. He will only continue to treat you so badly that you question your self worth every single day and make it difficult for you to function as a normal human being.

He will break your heart, you will just about lose your mind and he will try and take the life from your very soul. You will have to repair what has been broken, find what has been lost and replace what has been taken. 15 years of your life you will go through this torture and torment.

Yes, he is truly just using you for your money. Your suspicions are correct. He will cheat on you time and time again and when it comes down to it in the end he will choose someone else over you. He just kept you around because he enjoys you. And you know what I mean by that. It wasn’t just the money that he enjoyed from you. You are better than that.

He will lose everything that he ever enjoyed from you. One of you will be better off and one of you will be worse off from your choice to walk away from him.

He is a narcissist, you are an empath. He will suck the life from you. He will turn your thoughts so twisted and make your life into something so dark and hopeless that you will consider the easy way out. He will mess with your head.

He will try 4 pathetic attempts to remain a part of your life on the day that you end things with him when you find out that he has been cheating again, even though he is choosing her over you.
• He will offer to pay you back (when has he ever offered you the money back, when have you ever asked him for the money back? He won’t be able to afford to pay you back even if he paid you back for the rest of his life with how much money you gave to him.)
• He will ask you to come and pick up all of his Pop! vinyls that you paid for and put on pre-order for him. (you are going to post them on to him instead)
• He will ask you to message him and keep him in the loop with how you go at your specialist appointments for your Lupus. (When has he actually ever cared about you? Was he there for you when things got really bad this year and we nearly lost you? No! He was spending his time with her)
• He will suggest that “when you aren’t a temptation to him anymore that maybe we can hang out” (Like you are the problem and it’s not his fault that he chose to do what he did.)

Somewhere you will find the strength to say no to him for every single one of these pathetic attempts to stay part of your life because you know that he only wants to keep you on side to keep getting your money because he will tell you that he will struggle because his work are doing pay cuts.

But, you deserve so much better than that. He IS NOT worth it. You deserve someone who takes you out into the sunlight and shares it’s warmth with you, not keeps you hidden in the darkness like some horrible secret. No, life is not perfect. But it can be so much better than how he treats you. You are stronger than that. You are BETTER than that. You are not an ATM. You are not his toy for his own enjoyment.

He needed you for your money. You don’t need him. When you lose him what will you lose? Someone who hurts you, uses you, ignores you and keeps you hidden from the world. When he loses you what will he lose? He will lose someone who loved him truly, stood by him, supported him without question and would have given him the world if you could have. Big difference huh?

To quote one of your favorite Green Day songs “There is nothing wrong with me, this is how I’m supposed to be” you are a good person with a caring heart that been taken advantage of, this is a lesson. Learn everything that you can. Never change being kind and caring for those who deserve it. Follow your dreams. Do what you want. You are not strange. You are likable, you are lovable.

Please get help before it is too late.

Get right into your crystals. Have fun with it. Follow your new path. Learn witchcraft, study Wicca. Stumble upon Spells8 and find a family that loves you and accepts you. Meet the most amazing people do actually care about you.

One day you will be better. Just breathe and take it one day at time. You will be ok.

Love me.

Wow geez. Sorry everyone. Didn’t mean for all that to come out. Thank you @christina4 I think that I needed that.


Very well said and yes you needed to hear it. Take care of yourself


Thank you xxx I’m starting to realise he really was a :poop: Took me a while to understand it truly and get out of my tunnel vision, but I’m learning.


What I started last year in my practice (spells, lunar, tarot, etc), to have started 10 years ago. :sparkles: :full_moon_with_face:


Get all that crap out of your brain that you need to hon. Better out than in.


@Amethyst Thank you xxx It seems so silly now looking back at it why I let him treat me like that. But better late than never.


I’ve had a couple lines from one of my favourite Fall Out Boy songs: ‘Just One Yesterday’ playing around in my mind:

“If I spilled my guts,
The world would never look at you the same way.
And now, I’m here to give you all of my love,
So I can watch your face as I take it all away, away, away, yeah”

Really seems kind of fitting for him considering.


Facebook is always showing me memories from 10 years ago. Looks like I was worried about my son and his behaviors associated with autism in an IEP meeting at school. I think I would write to myself that everything I was doing was on the right track and that I was right to pressure the school to do everything to help him. It was hard advocating for him like that, esp. when my husband didn’t back me up and the schools were digging their heels in. But I didn’t let up until he got what I felt in my gut he needed. I am really glad about that. I screwed up a lot in life but I got that right.


Really hate to say it but as someone that would in some corners of my mind do anything to go “fix” something I over the years have come to know that the worst has a place in the universe.


To myself, 10 years ago in 2011…

Trust in the path you are on- things really will work out. So keep moving forward, even when it’s hard, even when it seems impossible- this moment only lasts for a moment and then it is gone forever. Try to appreciate it if you can- soon it will all be a memory. And the more you worry and stress about love, the less likely it is to come naturally.

Thanks to @Christina4 for this thread and for everyone sharing their personal advice- I read a lot of things that are helpful to me where I’m at right now! Thank you to all of your for sharing your valuable life advice :heart::infinite_roots: