I'm feeling a little down today

Last night, I found out that my favorite music composer had his channel taken right out from under him.

I should mention his music helped me heal and get through many nights of nightmares, night terrors and just not being able to sleep. When I had a bad day, I’d play one of his tracks.

When I found out, I saw that the music was taken down from the content creator, I messaged him. It’s true the guys who helped him keep the channel, as in commenting back and little things like that they stole his channel! I cried like a baby!!

I’ve been listening to this channel since it was created. The creator has another channel that’s a bit different and I found out through this channel that he was creating a new channel.

So, what do I do when I feel down???
Anyone know???
I grab my crystals!!! :sweat_smile:
I’d like to share my new ones with you!

This one is a huge clear quartz with five points but one is broken off in the back:

Another clear quartz but this one has a special shape on it, it’s called a window. Actually, windows have a diamond shape to them but this is still a window:

Here’s a smaller, very clear quartz with another window:

A quartz cluster with carbon inclusions. Carbon inclusions just make the clear quartz turn a blue
to black color. I’ll try to show it bc it’s small.

Then I have an aurachalcite. It’s azurite and malachite and toxic:

Last but not least, I have 2 different types of ametrine. One has been polished. The other hasn’t:

:sparkles:Thank you for bearing :teddy_bear:with me during my bad day, I think I’m feeling a little better but it doesn’t make it right about what happened.



I’m sorry your favorite artist lost his channel, can you find him anywhere else? Gorgeous pics of your new crystals too, I hope they make you feel better!


His main channel I suppose but it’s not the same. I have to stay positive because he may make a new and even better channel!! He has to put the videos somewhere, right? Idk. But for now, I’ll stay listening to his main channel. Thank you!!!
And…HUGS back!!! :hugs::teddy_bear: I like this teddy emoji!!! It’s so cute and I had no idea it existed.


Is easy to stole a channel that it was built, maintaining it in the same level, or making it better is a task that the person(s) would face and certainly will fail in the process. Is not a hex; just in case, but when a person make things wrong, with greed and jealousy, it always going to end bad.
That person may lost his channel, but not the opportunity to make it better.
Like @Amethyst a BIG HUG for you @christina4, hope you’re getting better.


Ah, I’m sorry to hear that. :disappointed_relieved:
Was this his YouTube channel? Nowadays, YouTube has become a bad platform for uploading videos. They’ll take down your videos or ban your channel if someone (your viewers) reports it, without actually looking into it. :sweat:
I’m glad that you had your crystals though to make you feel better! Hopefully, he’ll upload his videos again or another platform!
Maybe you could suggest to him to put his music for download on iTunes and/or the Google Play stores?


Awww… :crying_cat_face:
Lots of love to you @christina4 and hoping everything will turn out alright in the end. Meanwhile I’m happy you have your crystals that shine through the darkest of nights :relieved::gem:


You’re welcome! I’d know I’d be upset if all my Nightwish music disappeared.

And cute teddy! I bet there are oodles of emojis we haven’t found yet! :kite:


So sorry to hear about the loss of your favorite channel, @Christina4. I hope the composer can either start a new channel or move to another site! No matter what happens to the channel, no one can steal his talents :muscle: :heart:

Your crystal collection always takes my breath away! I’m glad the crystals helped to cheer you up in your moment of darkness. Big hugs to you! :two_hearts:


Thank you for the hug!!!


I really love this!! Thank you!!!

Thank you @CelestiaMoon @Kasandra