I'm Halloween crafted out

I have decided that Pinterest is a dangerous place for the unsupervised haha. I think that I now may need a more grown up adultier adult with me when I get a “bright idea” and decide to go craft shopping.

What was the “oh that’s cute. I’ll do that this year” turned into 5 hours of fiddly bits and multiple fights lost to the hot glue gun later we have… 100 of these little critters:

That will teach me to be crafty (ha ha boom boom. Crafty).

There is some strange part of me that feels that they all need a name before they go to thier new home with our trick or treat visitors.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


How very nice! All the little ghouls and goblins should enjoy those next weekend! Very cute!


Thank you. We try and so something a little different every year. Next year though. I am banning myslef from the hot glue gun :joy:


Aw, I love it but I love it more when you said "“haha broom broom crafty” :rofl::rofl::rofl: