Imbolc Spells & Traditions: Activities and Ritual Ideas for the coming Sabbat!

Anyone else feel light and warmth starting to return in your personal lives too? Feeling moods and priorities shift, or is it just me? This is my first Imbolc, definitely going to put up some candles and make something nice to eat, maybe some lovely fresh scents too! :sunny: :blush: :seedling:


I definitely feel better all over. I know that this chapter is coming to an end & I am excited for what comes next. I think I am going to make another cross & maybe make some bread with my daughter. She likes to bake with me and the bread that we make is very good warm with butter. I’m going to the store today to make sure we have things for the beginning of the week and to make the bread. We are supposed to get a lot of snow starting Monday.


I’m happy to hear that Krissie, and I hope you’ll have a wonderful time together baking! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s been very snowy here this week too… really looking forward to seeing more sun again! :sunny:


I love the sunshine! My favorite thing in the morning is to open my curtains and let the natural light in from the sun. I love to do it with my living room too.


I love it too, I’ve started leaving the curtains open for the night so the gentle sunshine can wake me! :sun_with_face:


I’ve been in a better mood, I’d like to think it was because of the returning light but it could be my Helper. LOL. Still, I’m excited for the Sabbat.


Thank you @Francisco, for the post. My best friends Grandma passed away from Covid over the weekend. Have not been in the mood to practice or do any spells or magic. But, I think I will give myself a hot ritual shower and invoke Brigid. ( Not sure how that works!? Isn’t that you shouldn’t practice magic when your sad, or angry?!) However, I’ve been wanting and looking forward to imbolc. Will cleanse myself and light my altar candles and try to get out of this funk while still being respectful of her passing. Just wish I can ease the family’s pain.
Thank you.
Blessed be


Sorry to hear this happened to you, Dee. I think it is a great time to reach out to Brigid. In my opinion, Magic should be performed with a clear mind but if you acknowledge those feelings and they aren’t harmful, then go ahead and do your ritual! Remember that crying is also a spiritual practice, one of the highest devotional songs.

Here’s a quote I like:

“Each time you host your own pain or another’s pain in openness, awareness, and warmth, the pain transforms and the strength of the pain identity is weakened.” –Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Happy Imbolc! :pray:


@Francisco, thank you so much! This is beautiful!:pray:t3::yellow_heart:


My daughter and I finally got to make our Brig dolls this evening. Time just got away from me. Been dealing with a lot of darkness this past week.

Here are the results.

I also saw Mr. Badger traveling south this morning when I left for work. I am glad he is gone. He lives behind my house. :roll_eyes: and I worry about my small dog whenever she goes out.

Anyway, blessed day everyone. I am off to eat stir fry. )O(


This looks amazing! Love the altar and corn dolls! Awesome job to you and your daughter.


Wow what wonderful pieces you all made!


They turned out okay and smell nice. The statue and patch came today as well so it was a good day.


Well done to you and your daughter, @Magdelina! The dolls came out lovely :heart_eyes: And goodbye to Mr. Badger- may he find a new home far away :wave::grin: Hope you enjoyed your stir-fry!

Gorgeous, @Saulamay- the blue in the candles is stunning! You have a very lovely set-up :blush::blue_heart:


Congratulations on your new Goddess statue!! And that sigil is just phenomenal!

Fantastic job on your Imbolc altars, @Saulamay and @Magdelina!!


Oh yes stir fry was awesome and dinner tonight was even better. I swear my daughter (she is finally 18 and the last of 8 kids to leave the nest) is a kitchen witch. She just infuses everything she cooks with love and light and it tastes so good.

@Saulamay those candles look awesome! I love the blue.


Your daughter sounds like a very talented kitchen witch! :blush: I am sure Imbolc was a delight at your place- this was a wonderful Sabbat to let that kitchen magick shine! :sparkles: :bowl_with_spoon:


Thank you @Francisco for sharing all this information with all of us. This is my first Imbolc, and hopefully, I will be ready in time. I set up my altar today and still figuring out all of what I want to do.


Wishing you a very blessed first Imbolc, @Debra2! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: There are many great suggestions above, but don’t feel rushed or pressured to get everything done. Sabbats can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like- enjoy it in a way that works best for you! :heart:

Blessed Imbolc! :blossom::sparkles:


@debra2 this was my second Imbolc celebration and I kept it simple. I made sweet bread and set out my red scarf to catch Brigid’s blessings. I set up my altar in my living room with a Brigid picture, red candle, and lit incense most days. I did the Brigid Invocation starting on Jan 30th and will end it tonight. Happy first Imbolc!!