Imbolc Will Be Here Soon

Now is a great time to prepare for Imbolc. It can be tricky to find suitable reeds for your Brigids Cross and now is a good time to get started on your corn dolly. Here’s some videos that help.


Thanks for the lesson. That was interesting. I may try that dew collection this year.


Oh, man, I have to go run some errands, but I am bookmarking this page because I work with Brigid and I have made a mini Brigid’s cross & I have a silver necklace & the charm is her cross. I use seagrass to make the cross, but it has since passed in my backyard. I will use something else that would be suitable, I’m sure I can find something on Cape Cod or down at the beaches here. Thank you so much for sharing this, I was thinking that I need to be able to find something to make this work. I appreciate the work you put into this post.


These are wonderful resources, @john4! Yes, Imbolc will be here before we know it- maybe it’s just me, but the Wheel seems to be turning very fast lately :laughing: Time is flying! It is a great idea to begin preparations for the next Sabbat. And these corn dolls are so lovely- perhaps I can find some corn and make one this holiday :corn::blush:

Thanks so much for sharing these! :two_hearts:


Great lessons, i made a Brigid corn doll prior Mabon- i would like to make a brigid’s cross! This is a great video in showing as how too. Thank you!


I haven’t made the doll, but I loved making the cross & I have it hanging in my window behind my bed.

I am going to watch the videos again and I think I am going to have to go to the beach to find something to use for making them. That will be a good trip for me this week.


That’s a great idea! Wish I had thw beach close by! Most likely I’ll end up finding some straw? Or maybe buy some corn with long tusks like i used for the doll and give it a whirl.


When I make the Corn Doll for Imbolc, I weave red yarn for her hair into the head and make a white gown for her with a handkerchief from hobby lobby. I use three Quartz crystals in her.


That sounds lovely @john4! I would love to try to make the doll. I just have to find the materials to do so. I will try going to the dunes by the beach and see if I can find some long beach grass still around. I know on the bike path by us I did find some reeds by the marshes, but I can’t remember which part of the path we had been on where I saw them.


Go to the grocery store and buy corn husks for making Tomales.
Those you want to bend and not break, you soak them in water.
I use a round crystal for the head and two smaller ones for breasts.
It’s very easy.


Oh, that is a fantastic idea! I will have to remember that next time I go to the produce section and try it. I will let you know how it goes!