Imbolg 2022 🌼 Coven Celebrations!

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It’s almost Imbolg!

I cannot believe that Imbolg has snuck up on me! I mean, maybe I can? There was a time a couple months ago where I was trying to remember the names of all the Celtic Fire Festivals and Imbolg escaped my memory. Honestly, I should be ashamed to worship Brigid :laughing: Anyway, Imbolg is almost upon us! For those in the Southern Hemisphere, you will be looking toward Lammas.

What is Imbolg?

Celebrated on the first of February, Imbolg heralds in the beginning of Spring. This celebration is heavily steeped in Celtic lore and mythology, so we can start there! Imbolg is traditionally associated with Brigid, a Celtic Goddess of many things! On this night, it is said that Brigid walks the Earth and brings Spring and blessings to those that welcome Her.

The word Imbolc comes directly from Imbolg or Oimelc, both words meaning “of milk” or “in the belly”. This is a direct tie to the significance of livestock to the ancient Celts. It’s also a tie to the fertility of the land as “in the belly” is a correlation with pregnancy of livestock.

Brigid the Exalted, who was given Imbolc as her Patron holiday, indicates that this may have been the most important point in the Celtic year and certainly the most beloved. [Brigid by Courtney Weber]

Myths of Brigid

Some stories tell of Brigid as a spirit of Springtime, ruling in the spring and leaving in the winter to let the Cailleach rule. Depending on the location, some believe that Brigid and the Cailleach were one and the same, a being that changes forms depending on the season.

On the eve of Imbolc, the icy Winter Hag, the Cailleach, travels to the forest of a mystical island, where within lies the Well of Eternal Youth. At dawn’s first light, the frigid Goddess drinks the water that bubbles in a crevice of a rock, and is transformed into Brigid, the Goddess of Spring and life who strikes a white wand upon the earth to make it green again. – Traditional Tale [Brigid by Courtney Weber]

Traditional Irish Prayer for Imbolc

She who put beam in moon and sun,
She who put food in earth and herd,
She who put fish in stream and sea,
Hasten the butter up to me.
Pray Brigid, see my children yonder,
Waiting for buttered buns,
White and Yellow.
– Traditional Irish Prayer for Imbolc [Brigid by Courtney Weber]

Need Ideas?

Create a Brat Bríde for Brigid to bless on Imbolg eve.

Another St. Brigid’s Eve tradition involves the hanging out of a cloth/rag/ribbon on your washing line or out on the ditch so that when St. Brigid would pass it that evening after sunset, she would bless it. The colour varied around the country, some used blue, more white and others green. Others would also hang out rosary beads that night in the same way. This rag/cloth is also known as Brat Bríde (Brigid’s Cloak) and these would be kept up and used for cures, mostly headaches, over the coming 12 months. Source

Make a Brigid’s Cross!

Check out these links for more ideas!

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Whatever your plans, I hope you have a wonderful Imbolg! The mod team here at Spells8 wishes you plenty of blessings and abundance in this coming spring!

Note: Please use this post to share your Imbolg plans, questions, etc.


Hahaha I feel you, Megan- I completely forgot to include a heads up note in MMM until I was reminded. Where is the winter going? :laughing: I can’t complain though- I’m already looking forward to flower buds and birds chirping as Spring slowly makes it way back! :cherry_blossom: :blush:

Wishing a very happy and blessed Imbolc to the coven! Can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful altars and celebrations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:infinite_roots: :tulip:


I will do a Prayer to Brigid by lighting my Brigid candle. I wanted to make a Brigid’s Cross but I couldn’t find materials that would work. I will practice and make one when the bullrushes are out and green. My supply for making a corn husk doll has not arrived, it’s late. I will plant my seeds throughout my house and cast an intention with Brigid’s Candle. This will be my first Imbolc Ritual.


You can make a Brigid’s cross from pipe cleaners if you’ve got those handy or easily accessible! You can even draw one. My Brigid’s cross is embroidered on a cloth that hangs above my altar :blush: I did it myself last year!


Thank you! Pipe cleaners are a great idea for Brigids cross! I have those!


Awesome!! I’m sure it’ll be beautiful!


Thank you, Megan, I didn’t think of pipe cleaners, or doing embroidery work. Those are awesome ideas. :grinning:


Alternate material ideas


We made Brigid’s Crosses with pretzel sticks and chocolate today!

I’m looking forward to some quiet time tonight :crossed_fingers:t3: to do some divination and meditation. If not, I will take advantage of that first thing tomorrow morning. I’ve got to remember to put out my Brat Bhríde tonight, too :heart:


I just want you to know that I think it is really wrong for you to steal my countertop :rofl::rofl:

That, and now I’m craving chocolate covered pretzels.


Oh my gods lol I guess this counter is popular!


I drove looking for rushes yesterday but nothing I will likely do it when in season here and keep it for next year I am thinking bonfire though if weather permits


I wouldn’t know a rush if you beat me with it, and I won’t be digging through the snow to find a bunch either. If there are any around here. There are alternative materials you can use. I’m planning to use slips of heavy paper with intentions for the year written on the back of the slips.


This is my first imbolc and I’m enjoying it. I made a Brigid’s cross from thin twigs, placed a swan figurine and some potted Daffodils on my altar, along with some pastel candles. Today I cleaned up my altar and put on a fresh pretty runner on it. I plan to do an Imbolc meditation and/or ritual tomorrow evening. Blessed be to all!



Added some embellishments to my newspaper paper Brigid’s cross. Will hang over the door tonight.


Whoa, that’s amazing! The Brigid’s cross, the altar, and the photo they all look professional. Mine will look it was made by the paste-eating kid in the back of the class. Of course, I will have the excuse of it being my first one!


Mate, I can already tell that I’m going to seriously enjoy your posts. You are really funny! Thanks…was feeling a bit off tonight and you’ve made me smile :blush:


Happy Imbolc! :blossom: The start of Spring! (if you’re optimistic or follow the Celtic calendar)

There were clear skies here so it felt true. The Sun is back! :sun:

Blessed Imbolc / Imbolg and Happy Lughnasadh for those in the Southern Hemisphere!!


Happy Imbolc to all! I am celebrating by lighting a candle and enjoying the warm of the festivity! New beginnings are approaching!


Everyone’s Brigid’s Crosses are looking amazing! :clap::heart_eyes: And bonus points to @MeganB because that is so fun that you can eat yours :yum::+1: Looking tasty!

Wishing everyone a very blessed Imbolc! :egg::sparkles::milk_glass: :cherry_blossom: