In need of good vibes

I started a new job last week and it’s very intense, and I love it. But my hands are so sore I can’t light a candle, my hands just refused to make the lighter work.

Considering the work this isn’t too abnormal for the first few weeks. But I could very use a boost right now.

Trigger warning :warning:

Most of my practice is centered on improving and sustaining my mental being and not have the energy or dexteritary to practice is starting to take it’s toll.

Much graditude :yellow_heart:


I will gladly light a candle for you, @Torista, and send you love, light, and high vibes! :heart: :candle: :sparkles:


@BrightBear thank you so much.


Hang in there, Sister Woman.
Congrats. on the new job. If you can’t physically light a candle, when you meditate Picture whatever color candle on a lovely candlestick. There’s your candle.
Sending you strength, energy and healing vibes, a long with lots of love.
Garnet, In manibus numinum


@Torista my practice has some similarities to yours at the moment. At the moment I am resting between shadow practices & working on my root “things”. I also have EDS Type 3 & my hands just don’t do what I want them to anymore or it takes 3 times as long.

You could get battery-operated candles or use a moving image of a flame in place of a candle with the associated colors somehow either with crystals, a ribbon.

I’m not sure specifically what is going on with the hands, I just know from my own experience that especially during this time of year, I wear compression gloves or soft braces. The soft braces help stabilize your thumb with extra support there & the others are cotton & are like gloves that go about to your 2nd knuckle. I use them especially when I am doing any kind of craft or writing.

Also, alternating heat & ice every 15 minutes for about an hour should help ease the after-work pain, or for as long as you can. Heat always worked better for me & I use rice pillows. Maybe a set of Hot Hands wearing gloves would help too.

If I think of anything else, I will let you know. I have had quite the go with my hands & finding ways to be able to do the things I love at the same time.

When I light my candles today, I will light an extra white 1 for you to send some clean energy your way & hopefully a light to see how you can make this work.


I’m sorry that you’re not feeling well.i know of an app that’s made just for you! Its just candle flames and you can change the color and there’s also sound. My favorite is the candle that goes through all the colors. I’ll try and find it for you. Meanwhile, we’re all here for you! We’re one big team spread across the world :earth_americas::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s a couple of the candle apps:


I’m sorry to hear that your having trouble, Torista :heart: I’ll keep you in my thoughts and send healing energy your way!


Sending you much love and light and of course good vibes :heart:

What kind of job are you doing now? If you don’t mind me asking :slight_smile:

Blessed be!


@Torista I am sorry your body is not working with you right now :frowning: Although I do not know what you are living with, I can tell you that I understand. There are days when my fibro gets the better of me, and it is a pain to do anything (literally). Looks like you have a lot of great suggestions from our fellow coven members :slight_smile: So, I would like to add to the flow of energy to you…Sending you love, light and energy to aid you in your need!




That’s awful! I’m so sorry you’re in pain. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. :hugs:


Congrats on the new job @Torista- I think it’s wonderful that you love it! :heart: But it does sound like it is leaving you worn down and I’m sorry about that :pray: I hope that, as you settle into the new position and new routine, that your body and mind will adjust and you’ll be able to work out a new schedule for your practice and mental wellbeing that fits for you. Until then, you can count on your coven to send you love and light to help give you a boost! :people_hugging: :infinite_roots:

Lots of love and an abundance of positive energy coming your way, Torista! :heart::candle:


@Siofra Thank you for your advice. I have been icing hands regularly after work for the pain and swelling.

Mostly I was problems with swelling and stiffness. The reason why is I’m using my hands a lot more than Im used to, needing more force over longer periods of intense activities.

@christina4 Thank you for the recommendation I’ll check those out. I really like rainbow color changing things also.

I work in a plant that makes airbags for cars. I was doing quality control, going through boxes of parts looking for damage, checking to make sure things are within specifications that sort of thing. I did enjoy it but I needed a change.
Now I’m making the airbags. Which is alot more intense than I expected. We work in small groups, between 1 and 5 people, in a sort for assembly line. We rotate between different stations to keep people from getting repeating stress injuries and rotating helps to keep you for getting bored as well.
The main reason way yesterday was different as I was moved up a level, so I’m no longer doing basic training. Before we were going at my pace so I could learn each station and make sure I’m doing things correctly. Now I have to do my best to make our quality/quanitity goal.

@TheTravelWitch_Bry Every day I do a bit better. And a little easier; I’m also not nearly as sore as I was yesterday.

@Athena @MeganB @Amethyst As well as everyone else: Thank you so much. :revolving_hearts: I really needed the boost, and it helped so very much. I know none of you asked for anything in return but I will be sending all of prayers today. :pray:t4: :love_letter:


The compression gloves may help with that too. Not so much the soft brace. I hope it eases soon for you! :two_hearts:


I am a LMT and here is a trick that may help. Take a golfball(put in freezer for a few hours first). Place in palm of opposite hand (or have another do this) and make circular movements from wrist to elbow. Make sure to get underneath and top side for forearm doing one than another. You can also open and close affective hand while massaging your forearm.

Why does this work? Well first you have muscles that move your fingers and wrist in your forearm. Second, where the pain is isn’t always where the problem is. The pain is Batman. Yes, make sure Batman is OK, but if you don’t find Joker, Batman won’t really be healed.


Wow, that seems a lot to think about. I wish you luck, and air to breathe and keep going :slight_smile:


I love that you not only gave this tip but explained why it works! I will remember this for my wrists, too, as they get painful from psoriatic arthritis. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! :heart: