In need of guidance

So I started practicing wicca for a few months now but I still find it a bit difficult to do it on my own , I have a lot of questions and I’m confused about a lot of things ; I need guidance. I feel like it would be much easier for me if I was in a coven or if I had a mentor, Unfortunately for me , it’s impossible to find a coven near where I live ( I’m in the middle of nowhere) so lately I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to find an online coven/mentor ? I’m not good at governing myself and perseverance has never been my strong suit , I’m starting to feel doubt and I feel like I need help …


Hi Aileen!

Finding a mentor is not always an easy connection to make. The Craft is all about self-discovery and finding what works for you. You can get advice and mentorship but it’s important to discover your own path.

Before working with you, most covens/teachers will expect that:

  • You’ve read a couple of books, or you have some kind of spiritual training.

  • You have a pretty good idea of who you are as a person, and how you fit in the world.

If you have specific questions or want to talk to someone you can always post them here. Me and @MeganB are always happy to help! You can send us a private message (click my username and find “Message”).

Extra Tips

Just like with anything new, the best you can do is read a lot. Start a journal. :writing_hand: Write down things you have questions about. When you have free time, study them one at a time as to let the information and rituals stay with you.

Ask yourself what you want out of Wicca. Write it down. After you’ve studied for a while, go back to what you wrote you wanted out of Wicca. Has it changed? If so, how? Journal that. It’s all a path, you never stop learning.

Go outside and commmune with Nature. Listen to the beauty and majesty that exists outside of your head, and breathe slowly, in and out. Just being in nature, breathing, watching living things outside of your head - even if its 5 minutes! - can make a world of difference.

If you haven’t already, watch this video series:

I highly recommend you to read Scott Cunningham’s book Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner, it’s a wonderful book that will teach and explain to you everything you need to know.

Good luck and blessings! :sparkles:


I really want to buy books , I have about 6 waiting in my Amazon cart , problem is , I don’t have any money … I wish that wicca may help me find myself , who I really am , what I really want to do , just find my way , I’ve been lost in the dark for so long …


I can definitely understand wanting to buy books and not having the money. Is there any chance you can take advantage of a local library instead? I have several books in my Amazon wishlist as well, but I can’t get the right now.

I agree with Francisco on reading more and asking questions.

Part of the problem with practicing on your own is you have to be self-driven and motivated. Now, this is a problem with a lot of people because our everyday lives tend to get in the way, we get tired, or we even forget. I recommend creating a schedule for yourself. Get a planner, or even just a notebook, and jot down the things you have to do that day plus the things you want to get done. Give yourself an allotted amount of time for reading. Take notes, write down questions, and reach out to those of us that may be able to help you.


This is perfectly normal and you should allow yourself to have these feelings. Who you are is the combination of the thoughts you have, the tasks you do and your impact on others.

You can find out who you are, your strengths and weaknesses taking a personality test such as this (free) one, which gives a really good picture:

If you need advice or guidance through tarot feel free to contact me through a private message and I will arrange a personalized reading for you.


Thank you so much to both of you for the wonderful tips and encouragement ! You guys are so nice ! :blush:


This website has been a blessing for me to find! It is LOADED with so much information. And this forum has been great, you could literally get lost for hours in it!

I’ve also joined a lot of “witchy” Facebook groups. Which is free - it may be a great place to start. I’ve made many wonderful connections already with like-minded people. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What Facebook groups are you in ? Could I join ? :slight_smile:


I’m in several. You can join any of them. I just searched 'witch groups" and thousands came up lol.


That’s right! thousands come up… But that’s part of the problem with those Facebook groups, there are a hundred thousand people posting all the time and anything new gets buried in a minute.

Some time ago I joined Wicca and Witchcraft for Beginners which is nice for browsing around but it’s almost impossible to find anything.

@marissa I recommend you search in facebook for “Witches in (your city) or (your state)”. That way you’ll probably find a smaller and more organized community.


Good idea narrowing it down!

I’ve found two that I really enjoy. Both are Green witchy groups. I joined a bunch and ended up leaving a bunch…as the people were awful.


I am in a group called DIY Witches on Facebook and it appears to be a lovely group so far. The admins are heavily involved, and I haven’t seen any negativity or bashing of any kind. I have left a few Facebook groups because they weren’t moderated and they got filled with people who wanted to physically turn themselves into mythical creatures (like mermaids) or who were telling everyone that what they were doing was fake, a fantasy, and that they needed to stop LARPing.


I finally said screw it and created my own group… LOL!

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