In need of Magickal Support

Hello Coven, I hope you have all been doing well.

I’ve been having a bit of a hard time paying rent lately and I received a notice of termination. I’m to move out by the 17th of Jan. if I don’t manage to pay the amount I owe.

I pride myself on being a wizard so I don’t want to work in the mundane world for a living.
Admittedly, I have had a lot going on lately and I haven’t cast a spell to support this situation yet.

My plan is to work magick tomorrow night to try and save my apartment. If I still have to move, it is not the end. I have places to go, and if the universe desires me to be in a different location, then so be it.
That being said, I do want to try, I have a couple affairs up in the air that magick might help me with.

I ask the coven for Magickal support as I face this encounter. I will very much appreciate any assistance.

The spell I plan to work tomorrow is going to be a fire and earth based grounding spell and I’m going to ask someone for some hair to add to the mix. I believe I can succeed in this working.

Thanks again, and Blessed Be.


Warm greetings @colin :blush: It’s always wonderful to hear from you!

I’m sorry to hear about the struggles with rent. I’m lucky to be staying with family at the moment, but I know housing costs are really through the roof these days. I hope you are able to achieve the funds you need!

I think it would be amazing to be able to get by on magick alone, but to date I haven’t seen a route that would allow that for me. However, I know plenty of magick-lovers who turn magick into their livelihoods- either through selling or trading their magickal services or crafts :sparkles:

I don’t know if you would be interested in that kind of path, but it is one way to combine your love and passion for magick with the demands of the material world. Francisco just shared a list of places to sell witchy crafts- and witch markets or places like Coven Market Fayre are exclusive markets for folks like us! :mage:

Whatever path you choose to handle rent and funds, I wish you all the best! And I am certainly sending out energy and positive thoughts your way as you work your money spell. I hope that it is a big success for you!

:pray: :moneybag: :sparkles:

Blessed be, Colin!


Good morning @colin & I’m sorry to hear of your situation. I will absolutely send you positivitity for you magic to work towards your highest good. :sparkles: I hope you succeed with your spell & that it manifests abundantly for your highest good. :star2:


Hello @colin
I’m truly sorry to hear about your situation, know the feeling all too well. I’ll include you in my prayer and meditation ritual to sent you as much energy to aid your cause and spell. Hopefully it’ll work and you can keep your apartment and life intact the way it is and the way it works for you.
It’s such a shame when we’re forced to do stuff against ourselves. Life, however, never gives us more than we can handle and I’m sure you’ll come out on top either way it takes you. Stay strong!

Best wishes and blessings :pray:t2:


@colin Heck yes my man you can count on me! Let me know if there is something more specific I can do that you’d like to suggest. Other wise I’ll be sending you good energy!! :dizzy:


Hey all, thank you so much for the support. As it turns out my mother is here at the apartment with me and my wife came yesterday and Thursday and started packing up my son’s room. Because my mother was here last night, and because we spent much of the day packing, I didn’t feel like going through with my spell. I decided that even though there are some things that could be done, it might be better to simply move in with my mother for awhile as it would really help me save some money, it would feel like less pressure, and I could help my mother with the house.

After the initial disappointment of finally having to move out wore off a little, I started to see positive in the situation. My mother was talking to me about paying off the mortgage and just giving me the house in time so this might just work in my favor. :slight_smile: Right now I am receiving disability payments for a diagnosis, so I’m just trying to make lemonade with what’s been given to me.

Now I just want to get this move over so I can carry on with my life. I have a good feeling about this. Once I’m settled in I would like to step up my magickal career, and try to be more present on the forums. Another plus is that I will have a whole house full of rooms for magick! This means a room and space dedicated to an altar instead of having an altar that everyone uses as a coffee table when they come stay. I’m excited about this. So it’s not the end.

By the way I worked a spell for improved finances and stability lately and received a letter shortly after saying that my payments would be increased. The Magick will not stop.

Thank You!
Blessed Be. :slight_smile:


My mother in law always says, “Everything works out in the end.” As time has gone on I have come to see she is always right (don’t tell her i said that jk). Everything does one way or another work out. It sucks during the waiting period. I am happy to hear that there might be a silver lining.

By the way, I hate packing and moving. My heart goes out to you on that level too! :wink:


Dearest Colin, I’m always here to lend love support and endurance.
As I light my morning candle, I’m burning musk incense as it grounds me. Sending a great big hug and lots of strength.


Colin, I am so happy for you! This sounds like what seemed to be a negative situation turned around in your favor- you have one good thing after another coming your way! :sparkles:

Now you have somewhere safe and happy for you to live, with plenty of room to spread out and pursue your magickal talents and goals. A huge congrats to you on both your successful financial stability spell and this very blessed turn of events! :blush:

May things continue to be positive and well for you- blessed be, Colin!