In need of something to help with physical energy

I have 2 kids, a military wife and an empath!! My kids are 10 and 3 and we are about to PCS after my 10 yr old gets outta school. I’ve noticed my energy is in the tank. I’m at a loss on what to do or try. Can anyone help me?


What do you feel is draining your energy? Are you sleeping okay?


I always feel like this when I am not making sleep a priority. It could be the moon phase? I know I am still feeling sluggish and wanting to comfort coming out of the new moon.

You could try some meditation. Grounding and calling back your energy could really help. I also find a refreshing shower can help my energy when I am feeling run down. Water is a great conductor and in my experience helps cleanse my aura and open my chakras.

Here is a Calming Healing Chamomile Eucalyptus Bath that I found on You could start with a some self-care and you time for a energetic reset.

Lots of love


I’m not a doctor so I’m only telling you what I do. When the winter comes and the days get shorter our bodies sometimes need extra vitamins so a great supplement is Vitamin D because that comes from the sun. B12 is a great energy booster, as well. An iron deficiency can make you tired, but you’d have to get a test to know for sure. If you’re not taking any multivitamin–give it a try! It takes about a week to get into your system. Take them with some juice.


Hello Amanda!
I’m Garnet, I was a Navy wife of a Career Sailor.
Your problem, little one is the fact that you have

  1. a 10 y/o
    plus …
  2. a 3 Y/o Ugh!
    plus …
  3. And you have PCS orders coming up.
    At the best of times with normal children, a 10 y/o is a trying age, and the three year old? My boy had ADHD and the terrible 2’s were a breeze, but the threes he turned into a monster! Good luck and many prayers for you and yours.
    Now, we moved about every 2 years…that was a nightmare and migraine worthy EACH TIME.
    And you’re an empath.
    Girl, you have to find some time for yourself. Meditate, drink calming teas and hold on for dear life.
    But, believe it or not, this too will pass. The move and your kids growing up. I didn’t think I would survive one boy and a Sailor, growing up (both of them). But please believe me you’ll all survive. You’ll look back on it with a relieved sigh, but happy memories.
    The only issue I have with retirement?
    I can’t ask anymore, “Isn’t it time for a cruise dear.”
    Sweetest girl, Be blessed, Be safe and know you are loved.
    Garnet, Trailblazer and sister military wife.
    I’m lighting a white candle and sending strength, endurance and peace.

Meditation has worked for me for years. If you can take 30 minutes away from everyone…Lay down and imagine that there is a white cloud surrounding you …a gift from the universe…breathe in and tell yourself that the universe is blessing you with energy …hold your breath and imagine that the white cloud is entering your body and healing and energizing you from head to toe …feel it…then breath out and repeat…and Thank the universe. This helps me and also during when my aches and pains are bad. The universe is there for us. I hope this helps you.


Greetings @AmandaZ-17! :blush:

Welcome to the forum, we’re blessed to have you here! :infinite_roots: Sorry that you’ve been feeling down- it can be really hard to get through the day with low or negative energy holding you down.

Like some of the others have offered, have you spent some reflective time looking at potential causes? There are many possible things that could be draining you (or a combo of things!), so taking some time to journal and get them on paper could 1) help you organize the things that need addressing first and 2) help you release them onto the paper. Sometimes just writing them down helps you feel more stabilized and in control :scroll: :writing_hand:

(If you’re not sure where to start, there is a guide for Journalling/Keeping a Book of Mirrors and also some Journaling Prompts)

Once you’re clear about your focus (be it one or multiple things), you could try meditating- a wonderful practice to help soothe the mind, increase energy and focus, and ease anxiety and stress. If you haven’t meditated before, Guided Meditations are a great place to start.


You could also try to increase your energy with spellwork. Here are a few suggestions you might explore:

Cleanse Your Energy With a Spiritual Bath/Shower

Clear Your Energy Cords

Full Moon Spell for Energy, Strength, and Motivation

The Full Moon is coming up in a week, which means that this week is a Waxing Moon- a wonderful time for magick for attracting and increasing :waxing_crescent_moon: :sparkles:

Good luck and blessed be, Amanda!


I actually have insomnia but I’ve been taking meds for it. I wake up refreshed but like within an hr I’m drained!


I have meds for insomnia.


I always make time to meditate after the kids go to sleep. I take calming baths. Plus my meds for sleep. I also have many journals.


Ah, good girl. Don’t be afraid to talk to your ombudsman.


You poor rabbit. I hope it turns around for you soon! :hugs:


I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but for me just getting outside in the sunshine is a big pick me up. I live in Texas so the weather changes every hour, or so it seems. Two weeks ago it was 80 degrees and sunny, so I put my shorts on, grabbed my sunglasses and a book and went outside and sat in the sun! It energized me!


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