Incense and Oils

Do you use Incense in Oils as part of your daily activities?

The three of us spend a few hours a day picking herbs, and gathering ingredients (sometimes we have to buy some from a metaphysical shop). We use recipes passed down from our family.

We grind by hand with a mortar and pestle to make out own incense. We make our own oils as well.

The experience of creating them from by hand is amazing. You get so much joy from grinding and feeling it turn to powder. It’s very relaxing and peaceful.

We make sure we thank every ingredient for it’s contribution and make sure nothing is wasted.

I will start to share some of our recipes for incense and oils.

Some smell amazing some not so great, but these are not all used for enjoyment, they are used for their magical properties.

I will make sure to include any rituals that these recipes go with and if you should burn outdoors or indoors.

Let me know if anyone else makes their own and what you use yours for.



I use an incense I got from a temple in Japan, but I usually burn it just on special occasions!

I think it’s amazing you make your by hand- and using ingredients that you harvest too, wonderful! :herb::two_hearts:

I am looking forward to seeing your recipes, you are very kind to share them! :blush:

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I don’t make my own incense, but I do make my own oil blends with either dried herbs or essential oils. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

I can’t wait to see some of your recipes :heart:


I use condition oils.
Although I’m great at preparing my own, there are specific oils that are tried and oh so true that I purchase from an ordained priestess like High John, Van-Van, & her Spirit oils.
I use Root oils such as mandrake.

This weekend I will be Activating/consecrating my railroad spikes, these will then be creatively decorated with craft flowers and ribbons (disguised) and placed on my front door for protection.
Railroad spikes can be driven into the 4 cornerstones of your dwelling or other types of property to protect and defend against malicious intent, behavior and/or energy.


I would love to learn how to make my own incense. I make a few oils but I’ll be honest I need a guided had once in awhile!! Anxiously waiting to learn how you do it!!


I have some books at my site on making incense… I also have books on ritual oils and essential oil making but thought this is something you would be more interested in-