Initiation on Monday ... Coven of Two - Now What?

Hello all witchy friends It’s been a year and a day and about 20 amazing books later and I’m being initiated into the craft. Yea me!!

My mentor/sponsor has my new witchy name picked out and I’ve come up with my personal craft name. I was a bit surprised at how much time this took to get the names to flow. Kinda like choosing a name for a new baby; not to dorky I hope.

Raven Skull is my sponsor. Her bloodline is that of 1st nations and Nordic (Viking). Our paths weave together incredibly well and we are officially starting our Coven of Two in January 2024.

The reason for my post to to get some advice on new covens. Happily (maybe sadly), it seems, that I am now a coven presenter, planner, goal setter, etc. There’s a whole hockey sock full of paths to take and I like your opinions on “Where to start?”

My thoughts are to invest into grounding, auric energies, intuition, scrying, and foundation building, etc. Where does a new coven start? Your opinions are most welcome.

May you be well, happy and peaceful.
So mote it be!


@gordon Congratulations :confetti_ball::tada: That’s amazing and exciting! Maybe a bit overwhelming too.

I’ve never been part of a coven, except for this one, so I don’t really have any suggestions. One of the most important thing to my practice is meditation and mindfulness. I don’t know if this is something you were going to incorporate.


Foundation building kind of jumps out at me, as even the term itself makes it seem like a good place to start.


For sure meditation and mindfulness are important pieces. So, “YES”, definitely included. Oh, and yep, it’s a bit over whelming. One bite at a time. It’s all good though. I’m learning a lot more by assembling a ritual with all the correspondences, etc.
Thank you.


I have no ideas on covens but congratulations on being initiated! That’s a big step! Way to go!


Keep us posted! I’d love to hear what you decide to do!


A huge congrats to you, Gordon- that is so exciting! :partying_face:

There’s already been some wonderful ideas and opinions shared. Adding to the mix, there’s a small guide about Coven that may have some additional tips and things to think about:

Wishing you and your Coven all the best- many blessings to you! :sparkles: