Inner Child Oracle Cards

I finally got my first Oracle deck & it’s for my Inner Child. She needs some healing & these cards found me right at the perfect time. I have slept with them under my pillow & have given them a nice shuffle. I pulled one card this morning & it’s:

Practice Freedom

Judgments that have been placed upon us by ourselves or by others can shackle us, stealing our joy & will to live. Take time to remove these judgments, writing down what you have believed in the past to be true. Do not let these judgments define you. Release personal mistakes and criticisms, practicing forgiveness with yourself.


I’m loving that they arrived at the right moment for you!! I love the artwork!! It’s beautiful!!! The meaning is interesting because it resonates with me, too!!! So, thank you for showing us your gorgeous cards!!! :parrot:


Oh you’re very welcome. I will share my pulls with you too! I love them & the moon on the back is stunning. I’m happy that they resonate with you! :heart: :parrot:


Those are some beautiful cards and such a good message. Thanks so much for sharing!


You’re very welcome. I’ve found myself reminding me about forgiving myself throughout the day. Its a good feeling!


Congrats on your new oracle deck, @Siofra! I agree with Christina- the cards are gorgeous :full_moon: :sparkles: Enjoy your readings- may the cards guide you gently towards a happy and healthy Inner Child :pray::heart: