Insomnia zombie over here

It’s 3:07am in Alaska and I can’t sleep.
What water is to the human body in general is what caffeine is to mine :crazy_face:
My daughter is gone for 2 weeks just as my hubby is for his hitch at work.

Just Nermal, Savage and I…
They want inside, they want outside.
“Oh hey Mom, I brought you presents… not just one :mouse2:
not just :mouse2: :mouse2:… but here is :mouse2: :mouse2: :mouse2: more!”


I was wondering if I could get some input, thoughts, opinions, idea’s etc. with working up a spell that is sort of centered around being able to be at ease and fall asleep when my husband is gone. If I’m not zombified from insomnia and am able to actually pass out, I find myself usually sleeping on the couch while watching something, which I NEVER EVER used to do.

So one question, what are some things ya’ll do to help with this topic?


Besides doing the usual :sleeping: sleep hygiene stuff that medical professionals recommend, you can do a few different things to help ease you into a sleepy state. Of course, if your insomnia is a medical condition, I have to include the disclaimer that you should work with your medical providers.

Here are a few ideas just on the Spells8 site.

Sweet Dreams Sleep Pillow

Natural Sleep Salve

Meditation to Promote Sleep


Having been a navy wife for 18 of our 46 years, I’ve been essentially a single mother when he was gone, and alone when I didn’t have kids. Living in Alaska, you also have the disadvantage of having your sleep cycles off kilter. The unbelievably long seasonal day and night cycles would make me crazy.
You might try meditation, drinking warm milk before bedtime, you might also try melatonin.
Have you ever wondered why you get so sleepy after a big turkey dinner? Melatonin, found in turkey. It is available in most grocery, vitamin, and general stores.
Sleep well angel!


Full Moon insomnia maybe?? :full_moon:

Besides the suggestions offered by Megan above, try making some herbal tea blends, the most common plants for this purpose are chamomile, lavender and valerian root. Zero caffeine!

Here’s an insomnia spell, however I do not recommend going to sleep with a candle burning.

via Pinterest


Aside from the other suggestions, Mugwort tea helps :two_hearts: it also encourages Lucid Dreams if you’re into that kind of thing.

Do not drink if you are pregnant.

Ashwagandha has calming effects but you should cycle it to avoid acclimatising. Also don’t use when pregnant.

I hope you get some sleep soon :slightly_smiling_face:


This one is a really good spell. I actually have it saved on my phone to add to me BOS. What you can also do is to also make a sleep bag to go alone with this spell.

Blessed Be💫