⚠ Instagram Scammers and Cloned Accounts

Hey everyone! I’ve got something important to share about scammers on Instagram. I’m literally just copying from the newsletter email I just wrote, so if you get my newsletter then this is a duplicate.

I figured I would have to write an email like this eventually, I just didn’t think it would be so soon.

I have my first scammer on Instagram.

This person cloned my account and is sending unsolicited messages to people telling them they will give them a reading and need their zodiac sign. This is a scam and it IS NOT ME.

I would never send anyone an unsolicited DM like that, much less do any readings through DM. All of my readings are done through my shop.

So this is a very important reminder to be vigilant online, don’t believe everything you see, and don’t give random people your money if they come into your DMs saying you have good energy or some other bullshit.

Block and report them, then move on.

Stay safe, y’all.

Here’s some screenshots…

When identifying these scammers, you have to pay special attention to their usernames. Can you see the difference?

My Instagram username is @round_the_cauldron

The scammer used @round_thecauldron

Plus, there’s the message they sent me. That doesn’t even sound like me! (Many thanks to the person that sent me the screenshot of the message they received!)

Learn to spot the scammers!

I have an entire video on how to spot scammers, how they (probably) operate, and what you can do when you come across them. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching it!

Stay safe, y’all

:sparkling_heart: Megan


Whoa. That’s awful! Hopefully not many people will be fooled by it.


As @Amethyst said, it is very awful indeed! I don’t quite understand why they do that :unamused:
Another diffrence (apart from the username) is the fact that their posts have very few likes and all of the pics are bad quality and posted the same day! At least that is the expierience that I had with other scammers (from other witches/atrologers/tarot readers accounts)

Needless to say that I followed you :partying_face: and the scammer got reported :kissing:


@Amethyst – Hopefully not, but many people don’t even realize that they’re scammers which is why this ends up being such a big deal. It happens so much in the online witchy spaces and Instagram doesn’t/won’t do anything about it.

@stavroula --Yup, you’re right! That’s another big giveaway the account is fake or cloned. There’s zero engagement there, plus it’s odd to have that many followers and not have any likes or comments lol (and hank you for the follow and reporting the scammer!)


Darn- sorry, Megan! Some people out there really are shameless :worried:

I wish platforms like Instagram did more to prevent scammers (like blocking duplicate content, waves of posts all in the same day that are clearly stolen, making it harder to make fake followers, etc). It would save a lot of hassle for individual creators like yourself just out there trying to make honest content.

Here’s to hoping that scammer got the boot and will never come back! :pray: May all your wonderful content be safe and protected. So mote it be :heart:


You and me both! It seems like they just don’t care or there’s just not enough people power to handle reports of these types of things. I hope the scammer gets booted soon. Last I saw (this morning) the account is still active – I know many people that have reported it though, and a few of my followers are messing with the scammer and getting blocked :rofl:


Hmmmm…what’s a witch to do about this type of attack…

At least they didn’t post it on Pornhub :rofl::rofl:


I guess you’re right there :rofl:

I do have a sort of protection built into my online profile. There’s a sigil hidden in a few of my pictures for cases like this. Now the person just has to deal with the repercussions when they happen!


I’m glad you have some protections!

Stealing from a witch is probably not on the top of the World’s Brightest Ideas list!


Right?! That’s my thoughts exactly! :rofl:


C’mon, Instagram! Wake up and get on it! :clap:

That is brilliant! :laughing: :+1:


They’re everywhere! Im sorry that this happened to you!


Good news! :clap:

I had to submit a Copyright Infringement Report through Instagram because their report system closed out my report because of high volume. I got notice this morning that the scammer’s account has been removed!


Woohoo! Glad to hear it :pray: :grinning:

May they leave you and your wonderful content alone for good- so mote it be!


I’m sorry @MeganB that they scammed your account. I forgot that you were on Instagram.
Yes, you can usually spot the scammers accounts since they just add something to the name and then steal some of your pictures. So far I have not noticed or been told that I have
been scammed, but I have reported sites when I know they are a false or scammed account. Report them and then block them.

Blessed Be :dizzy:


I’m just bumping this again because there was another incident of scammers and account clones this morning. This time they targeted the Spells8 Instagram Account!

Remember to keep an eye out for the username. It’s tricky sometimes, but usually, there’s a slight difference.

In this incident, they made their username “Spell8com” instead of “Spells8com”. All of their photos were also added within the last day. If they follow you or message you, simply block and report them.

I found them because they followed me and then messaged me asking if they could give me a reading :joy:


I don’t know about you, but I can definitely tell that’s not how any of the staff here at Spells8 speak :joy:

So, just a friendly reminder to stay safe online!


Thankyou for the heads-up. I’ll tell Loki and he can give them a chaos reading. :partying_face::rofl:


Thanks for this informative post! And i am so sorry you’re identity was stolen. That is totally ■■■■■■ up.


Can I put this on a t-shirt? I kid. Just… These tactics… Ugh. Unsolicited DMs that lead to “I can do this for you if you pay me.” :face_vomiting:


So, one of my favorite things to do when I get one of these messages from scammers is to just mess with them and waste their time. Better they spend their time messaging me (who isn’t going to do anything they want) than with someone who will fall for their tricks.

This person was trying hard to sound kind, even going so far as to say they weren’t a scammer :joy: they wanted to give me a reading, so I said sure. Then they wanted a donation before the reading. I said no, of course! They offered to give me a free reading anyway, which right away is suspicious. And you know what? They did exactly was I expected them to – they gave me a “free reading” but told me that I was cursed and was having all kinds of bad luck because of it, and they were going to help me get rid of my curse if I paid them :roll_eyes:


Then they got mad when I called them out :woman_shrugging: I’m sure the account will be taken down soon (or just disappear as they tend to do) but at least I wasted their time.