Interpretation of coffee divination?

Hello again, today was World Coffee Day, so I invited myself to a big coffee mug. And I wanted to get a coffee’s fortune, but well, I’m still a magical kid who has a lot to learn and has put on his agenda, can anyone help me with that?:coffee::candle::mage::woman_shrugging:t2:

Do you see a bride too? And do you clearly see a wizard standing on his broom blowing his hands? What is the interpretation of these? I also see numbers in Persian, in addition to a series of letters and writings that it is not clear what the word or text is, but it can be recognized that it is in Persian letters.

On the plate I see a baby bed and a crescent moon

Please help me​:pray:t2::blue_heart::orange_heart::coffee::candle::mage:


The only help I can give is to drink the coffee. :sweat_smile: I never did this kind of divination, but I do understand that is a little homework from you to study. You just have to trust the ability within you. I know that I trust in you. Understanding your own language in the number(s) you see and the figures. What comes to your mind about it? Just let that flow and go in crescendo.


@zari coffee divination is not something I’m great at lol but I think the first pic looks like a mandrake root and a tear drop. And the second I see the moon but that’s all. Sorry that’s not much help


Hello @zari,

Ah, another fascinating post as I find myself reading and studying The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic by Eliphas Levi.

I happen to be exactly on the chapter about The Writing of the Stars which touches on divination slightly.

Here are copies of 2 of the pages I am on. For the first photo, start about half way down.

Basically put, divination is completely interpreted by the practitioner. Getting others to try and read what is seen or try to see what you see in shapes and patterns will not work, as it is very much a personal method and you will interpret based on your belief system and your sub-conscious.

As the book states, "a Cabalist familiar with mystic hieroglyphs will see things in the stars which would not be discovered by a simple shepherd; but the shepherd, from his viewpoint, will find combinations which would escape the Cabalist."

It is all subjective to the practitioner. Just like the configuration of clouds. Clouds take on all kinds of shapes and configurations that our imagination allows - which another will not see.

Go with what you see and what those images mean to you, allow those to flow. That is divination.



That’s the first thing I noticed. I see a Magician (although it looks like a pirate as well!) who is dropping wisdom or affecting change onto something or someone, right below.

I also see something like a Yin and Yang symbol :yin_yang: which would be the meetings of the physical and spiritual worlds (“as above, so below”) and the conduit converting spiritual energy into real-world action.

The second one totally looks like a baby so I have to agree with you again. On a symbolic level, it can be related to nurturing and care, or even creation and creativity.

It seems that you’re learning how to have balance in your life. Even if you’re just starting out, any growth has to start somewhere so keep at it.


I maybe lazy but I decided to invest in this lovely tea cup set for divination since I absolute love divination or at least trying :face_with_hand_over_mouth::blush: I have tried so far and I need to use less tea leaves since I had so many outcomes lol. @zari imam also new so not good at tea readings yet but I agree that it is what the person who interpreted it as is what it is… sorry I couldn’t be of more help…


@pedros10 Thank you for your help, if I could I would definitely invite you to drink coffee :joy::coffee::candle::raising_hand_woman:t2:

@crystal24 Thank you for your comment

@Temujin_Calidius Kalidos Unfortunately, I do not have access to the book you introduced, and the photo you posted is not part of it, so just read your comments. I do and thank you for your comment!

@Francisco Thank you for your wisdom, yes I understood the symbol of yin yang and your interpretation was interesting and it was a great help to me, thank you :pray:t2::mage::blue_heart::orange_heart::coffee::ok_hand:t2:

@TheMuslimWitch It seems we have a lot in common and I hope you succeed in interpreting with your beautiful cup and help me too because I do not have access to study resources due to where I live.


It is amazing how you can see things when you are looking to see something. Top cup with the little bird. Bottom mass in the cup. I see Oogie Boogie Facing side. Which means…This is not my medium.


It is sad indeed on not having the resources to read a book @zari , the wonder of technology is the plethora of possibilities when using a VPN; (VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK).


The first picture, I see a bird on a bird feeder. That’s a lovely moment for me.


What a great way to celebrate World Coffee Day, @zari! :blush:

As with any tea/coffee reading, I personally believe that the message the reader sees will be the most authentic. That being said, I always love a fun reading and I’m happy to share what I personally saw! :grin:

While I can agree with most folks here that the saucer was a pretty clear crescent moon in a ring of glowing light :crescent_moon: , the cup reading looked like a dragon to me:

I saw a mighty water dragon leaping up from the waves in a beautiful and joyous moment :ocean::dragon:

From what it looks like to me, you’ve got a pretty good fortune with auspicious signs! :clap:

To help you read more details about your fortune, I would definitely look into the meanings of the symbols you saw (I personally recommend Dream Lookup or a Book of Correspondences to find symbolism meaning) :+1:

Thanks for sharing your cup and hope you had a lovely Coffee Day! Blessed be :coffee::heart:


Hello, thank you for your valuable answer and comments and tips :raising_hand_woman:t2::ok_hand:t2::mage::purple_heart:


You’re very welcome, @zari- thanks again for sharing your coffee divination experience! :coffee: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Blessed be!